Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jumping Into Autumn

 photo jumpsuitblogger_zps15269fb5.jpg  photo fedorahat_zpsb19862d0.jpg  photo fashionstreetstylephotograph_zps144642a3.jpg  photo bohoblogger_zpsa74cc0c6.jpg  photo blondecurls_zps61a9d72e.jpg  photo bohostreetstyle_zps22c7dca8.jpg  photo fashionphoto_zps61b61edd.jpg  photo asoswinterjumpsuit_zps14177e6e.jpg  photo londonfashionblogger_zpsfe9dbba5.jpg  photo fashionblogger_zpsb6139731.jpg  photo michealkorswatch_zpsc4415a63.jpg  photo autumnjumpsuit_zpsa2c6ae16.jpg  photo fedorahatandsunglasses_zps2b054921.jpg  photo jumpsuitbloggerasos_zps823814ac.jpg  photo jumpsiutstreetstylephoto_zps9f2c01d2.jpg  photo asosjumpsuit_zps2a345a3d.jpg
What I Am Wearing : 
Fedora - TK Maxx
Jumpsuit - Asos
Fur Gillet - H&M
Boots - Primark
Bracelets - Forever21 & The Bohemian Collective
I had this jumpsuit saved in my Asos basket for a while hoping it would go into the sale and my patience paid off! After I bought my -  Topshop jumpsuit  - and fell completely in love with it, my determination to find another was satisfied by Asos!
Expect to see more of this little beauty!
Hope you are surviving the cold!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I've Got My Eye On You

 photo boyfriendcoat_zps1db186b0.jpg  photo metalicskirt_zps02a7acb7.jpg  photo popartclutch_zps4e964a5c.jpg  photo eyeshirt_zps3626be96.jpg  photo fashionblogger_zps437c117f.jpg  photo checkedwintercoat_zps29ec16bb.jpg  photo londonstreetstyle_zpsa06158de.jpg  photo skaterskirtstreetstyle_zpscbd38c58.jpg
I Am Wearing :
Boyfriend Coat - c/o Tags-On
Blouse - George At Asda
Metallic Skater Skirt - Asos
Pop Art Clutch - New Look
Studded Boots - TopShop
Necklace - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors
I wore this to the Miss Selfridge party last week - which I will post about just as soon as I have uploaded and edited the little video I took! eeeps!

I actually loved wearing this outfit - I felt so cute and girly in this pink metallic skirt! - I almost NEVER wear short skirts but this skater skirt trend has really turned me around! I think I can pull it off! - Just!

How often do you try new styles? 

Happy Tuesday people! I hope this week is being good to you!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Into The Grey

 photo greyknittedjumper_zps63c98549.jpg  photo studdedboots_zpsdc16cd43.jpg  photo Liverpoolblogger_zpsa814eb60.jpg  photo londonblogger_zpsf8596699.jpg  photo camojeansstreetstyle_zps74ea2b85.jpg  photo bligbeanie_zps2b935c6d.jpg  photo newlooksweater_zps0db3c810.jpg  photo greybeanie_zpsf5ee178a.jpg  photo statementnecklace_zpsa03d2f2b.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Grey Jumper - New Look
Camo Jeans - Internacional
Jewelled Beanie - Forever 21
Studded Boots - Office
Necklace - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors

I fell head over heels for this beanie as soon as I tried it on! I have a thing for beanies (as you already know) so when I saw this blinged out one I knew it was just meant to be! And we shall live happily ever after together - until I see another hat and loose all interest that is!

Ahhh I am so fickle! 

Happy Sunday peeps!

Make the most of your day - we are in work tomorrow :-( Waaahhhh

Much Love

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Something Blue

 photo londonstreetstyle_zps680d2c31.jpg  photo kenzotigerjumper_zps56b7a7f0.jpg  photo londonblogger_zpsbf04609f.jpg  photo fashionblogger_zpsf5f2d034.jpg  photo kenzosweater_zpsdd40cdfd.jpg  photo greenkenzosweater_zps06acc9a2.jpg  photo blackhightops_zps5d9426b5.jpg  photo studdedbeanie_zps9fb6ba51.jpg  photo londonfashionblogger_zps814783d3.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Studded Beanie - H&M
Kenzo Sweater - Ebay
Pencil Skirt - River Island
High-Tops - Matalan 
Arrow Necklace - c/o Topshop
Watch - Michael Kors
Blue Leather Bracelet - c/o Ziba

Keeping Autumn colourful in blue and green! These pics were taken in my Mums garden in front of her newly painted shed! The blue doors go perfectly with my outfit!

Hope you are all keeping warm!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Winter Pastels

 photo prettygrunge_zps3e15a9e2.jpg  photo pastelpinkjumper_zps1e3c3faa.jpg  photo pinkfluffyjumper_zps6658be60.jpg  photo winterpastels_zps50d30460.jpg  photo fashionbloggerlondon_zps200368cf.jpg  photo londonstreetstyle_zpsa00ab534.jpg  photo nettedskirtstreetstyle_zps6c63fb22.jpg  photo cutiepie_zpseff27745.jpg
I Am Wearing : 
Fluffy Pink Sweater - H&M (last year)
Net Skirt - BooHoo
Boots - Matalan (old)
Necklace - Primark
About this time last week we took a trip to the beach with Captain bob, my brother in-laws family and their new puppy! The dogs LOVED the beach as the did my nephews - they all got wet and covered in sand and had a great time doing it! 
The cheeky little monkey in the last photo is my God Son Fin - he (like me) loves being in-front of the camera! He was a child model up until last year and think he must miss it because as soon as Graham pointed the camera my way Fin somehow found his way in front of me! It was too cute!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend - I am in work today :-( Think of me whist you are chilling out today!!
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