Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Minty Fresh

 photo nike free runners street style maxi dress and trainers_zpsihuc3b2j.jpg  photo primark bag street style London_zpshnrf0bme.jpg  photo curly hair blonde_zpsx0mfxcof.jpg  photo maternity street style lfwaw16_zpsnpkb5pyz.jpg  photo grey maxi jumper dress street style_zpsoxig07x0.jpg  photo wooden watch_zpswoyl4xzj.jpg  photo LFW2016 street style_zpste6vwojg.jpg  photo yellow cross body bag _zpsirchzyud.jpg  photo orange bag tassel_zpslxjnbca2.jpg  photo mint green nike free runs street style_zpsx3ark386.jpg  photo maternity street style pregnancy style_zpsffo8l1ut.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Grey Maxi Jumper Dress - H&M
Green Maxi Skirt (worn underneath) - H&M (old)
Yellow Bag - Primark
Mint green Nike Free Runners - Ebay
Marble Cuff - Topshop
Amazonite Wishbone Bracelet - Astley Clarke
Sunglasses - Primark

Hair By - Mark Hill 

Trainers are a fashion week essential, especially if you are a pregnant lady with fat feet! Oh joy!

I have found that along with my growing tummy I have a growing need to wear comfortable clothes! Which has lead me to maternity wear! Although the dress in this post is just a regular oversized jumper dress from H&M Trend.

Maternity clothes are a whole different ball game - often leading to up sizing or down sizing depending on where you are shopping and what you are buying. Shopping and trying on takes twice as long as it used to and now I know what those little chairs are for in the corner of the fitting room - they are for prego girls to sit on to YANK the end of their skinny jeans over their fat feet. 
I am now best friends with my DPD & Hermes drivers who bring me boxes full of maternity gear only to take most of it back 2 days later as "it doesn't fit", "I just look fat, not pregnant", "I hate the way I look", "my bum looks too big", "I hate the way I look", "My feet are too fat to fit into these pretty little shoes", "I hate the way I look". #TheStruggleIsReal 

Who knew that pregnancy would be my biggest style challenge yet?

Bring on the challenge and the new closet full of fashion trainers ;-) 

Happy Hump Day Lovelies

Clare Astra 

Friday, March 18, 2016

London Fashion Week at The Apartment

 photo IMG_9241 copy_zpsrmoiiemu.jpg
The blooming lovely entrance to this years LFW Apartment
 photo IMG_9233 copy_zpsrsar0shu.jpg  photo IMG_9248 copy_zpsp9gceqja.jpg  photo IMG_9342 copy_zpszyfwnjoy.jpg
Hair by Mark Hill using this wand only £29 in boots right now!!
 photo IMG_9312 copy_zpshejek9xw.jpg  photo IMG_9338 copy_zpsqv42bjxl.jpg  photo IMG_9333 copy_zps7y3nxm15.jpg
How cute are these Russell & Bromley flats?!
 photo IMG_9332 copy_zpsrj8bdt7t.jpg  photo IMG_9325 copy_zpsbae15yte.jpg
 photo IMG_9329 copy_zpsmscsnnyv.jpg
Boden totally smashing SS brights!
 photo IMG_9324 copy_zpso0owp1qd.jpg  photo IMG_9321 copy_zpshrtictjy.jpg
Beautiful jewels from Astley Clarke
 photo IMG_9320 copy_zpsvlvxuc9i.jpg  photo IMG_9230 copy_zps9k0yshfj.jpg  photo IMG_9234 copy_zpsrykpytvq.jpg  photo Derek Bremner - 6093a06e-d copy_zpsni2th1gs.jpg
Artfully illustrated by @illustratedbake
 photo IMG_9237 copy_zpsjzjkuijc.jpg  photo IMG_9231 copy_zpskhipthfy.jpg  photo Comb - 1a12d286-d8f6-11e5- copy_zpsqtzllw98.jpg  photo Comb - Clare RainbowsandF copy_zps3g5shilu.jpg  photo Comb - Clare Rainbows_zpsbto03fus.jpg  photo RainbowsandF copy_zpsxxleyipz.jpg  photo Comb - Clare RainbowsandFairydust - 5e4c8442-d8f6-11e5-ad92-fa2f3a6b0473 - Original_zps0qemrcpy.jpg  photo Clare RainbowsandF copy_zpsibmewm8i.jpg  photo Comb - Clare copy_zps7owxpmwe.jpg
Outfit Photos By : COMB for The Apartment

I Am Wearing :

Striped Body Con Dress - Asos Maternity
Camel Coat - River Island
Fur Stole - TopShop
Stan Smiths - c/o Mainline Menswear
Yellow Bag - Boden 

So there you have a little sneak peek into the beautiful Apartment space that is every bloggers fashion week saviour. 

With food, drinks, hair, makeup, wardrobe lending library, fashion workshops, brand meeting spaces, in-house photographer and a work station supplied The Apartment really has made itself an indispensable part of a busy bloggers Fashion Week.

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned?!

Clare Astra

Friday, March 4, 2016

No more hiding!

 photo asos floral maxi dress_zpsbeajfeli.jpg  photo lfwss16 street style_zpscnm0ftfn.jpg  photo pregnancy street style_zpszyyyo51z.jpg  photo london fashion week street style_zps5khb3a0n.jpg  photo astley clarke wishbone bracelet_zps8gh7qbaa.jpg  photo maternity street style_zpsvfhx9jvq.jpg  photo floral maxi dress lfwss16_zpszalpatl7.jpg  photo asos maternity dress_zpsz1zgy2b6.jpg  photo how to style your baby bump blogger_zpsl6qdugsa.jpg  photo fedora_zpsbqh8qga6.jpg  photo boohoo fur stole street style_zps0izryjj5.jpg
I Am Wearing : 

Fedora - H&M (old)
Fur Stole - Boohoo
Leather Biker - Miss Selfridge
Floral Maxi Dress - Asos Maternity (similar non maternity dress here)
Studded Boots - Office (old)
Wishbone Bracelet - Astley Clarke
Make Up - By PRIV
Hair - By Mark Hill
Lashes - By Eylure

Photos by the gooorgeous Ngoni from NRC

So its too big to hide! Here is my 24 week bump making its debut at London Fashion Week!

Don't worry you are not the only people I have been hiding this from - virtually all of my blogger/fashion friends jaws hit the floor when we bumped (no pun intended) into each other over Fashion Week!

I haven't mentioned it to you guys simply because I wanted to get my second scan out of the way and have the "all clear" from the ultra sound before I shared my news!

So here it is in all of its glory!

Inside that growing tummy is a growing little boy, who is about to change my world! He has already brought me 3 months of morning sickness (which was all day and all night sickness and was sheer misery) he has also brought me some double D cup, mountainous breasts - which I thought I had wanted all of my life but it just turns out they just get in the way! 

I am going through SO many firsts within my body and my mind right now I can't tell you how wonderfully exciting and hugely terrifying it all is! What I do know is that I am in awe at how my body is completely changing before my eyes and how with little help from me (some vitamins and a healthy diet) my body is just getting on with producing another human who will soon (June 12th) be introduced to the world and completely turn mine upside down! 

So thats enough of the prego talk for now, please do feel free to send me name suggestions - the more creative the better! :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Much Love

Clare Astra

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