Friday, November 28, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

 photo peridotlondoncoat_zpsc19dbade.jpg  photo boyfriendjeansandheels_zps1d136990.jpg  photo widebrimfedora_zps7c01460b.jpg  photo layeredsequint-shirt_zpsf0017b98.jpg  photo greycheckcoat_zpsf0c0a76c.jpg  photo greyfedorastreetstyle_zps36987733.jpg  photo doubledenimstreetstyle_zpsff004b45.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Checked Wool Coat - Peridot London c/o Tags On
Sequinned T-Shirt - Glamorous c/o Asos Fashion Finder
Denim Shirt - Primark
BoyFriend Jeans - NewLook
Glitter Heels - c/o Deichmanns
Wide Brim Fedora - H&M

This is look 3 from my Asos Fashion Finder style a sequinned t-shirt 5 ways challenge.

I opted for a layered look - since it has turned super cold in the UK I was happy with this decision!!

Working sequins into your day look is a festive season must! In fact I have been happily working sequins into my day wear all year long and it has been well received by you guys and the people I meet. For some reason sequins seem to make people happy! 

A little sparkle on a dull day goes a long way.

(you can totally use that quote - I think I might make it my new mantra! LOL)

Here's to the freakin weekend friends!

Clare Astra

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Fairy On Top Of The Tree

 photo tulleskirt_zps5cd3ccba.jpg  photo floralheadbandstreetstyle_zps287b8a40.jpg  photo rainbowsandfairydust_zpsc1b4aefc.jpg  photo pasteltutu_zps04b94bab.jpg  photo whitemidiskirtstreetstyle_zps90f207af.jpg  photo sequinnedt-shirt_zpse76b45f0.jpg  photo fairyskirtstreetstyle_zps3cd195d6.jpg  photo mouseflats_zps3534605f.jpg  photo tutumidiskirt_zps936cf465.jpg  photo tutulayers_zps44f2d283.jpg  photo whitetutumidiskirtstreetstyle_zpsad328d6c.jpg  photo autumnleaves_zpscc476bd1.jpg  photo winterwhites_zpsc662550d.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Leather Biker - H&M
Sequinned T-Shirt - Glamorous c/o Asos
Net Skirt - BooHoo
Tutu Underskirt - Beyond Retro
Mouse Flats - Primark
Floral Headband - New Look
Nude Clutch - F&F

Look 2 of my 5 ways to wear this sequinned T-Shirt - inspired by the Christmas fairy from the top of the tree, this all white look is only for those of you who are not prone to spillage's or falling over!

I managed to stay white even with a little sit down on the side of the road to take some pics! Most of you wont be stopping off for a seat on the curb unless you have had too much egg nog at the office Christmas party ;-)

To see all 5 looks on the Asos Fashion Finder page click here - or you can wait for my next blog post!!

Thanx for reading

Clare Astra

Monday, November 24, 2014

Orange Pop!

 photo blackrippedkneeskinnyjeans_zpsffea6913.jpg  photo floppyhatstreetstyle_zps756c9028.jpg  photo orangeshoulderbag_zps5ca11687.jpg  photo christmassparklestreetstyle_zpsf2cb11bb.jpg  photo sleevelessjacketstreetstyle_zps695cb903.jpg  photo sequinnedtopstreetstyle_zpse6cfecac.jpg  photo snakeskinheels_zps09964b24.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Sleeveless blazer - River Island
Sequinned T-Shirt - Glamorous
Black Skinny Jeans - Boohoo
Snakeskin Heels - Next 
Floppy Hat - Primark

So I was challenged by Asos Fashion Finder to wear this beautiful iridescent sequinned t-shirt from  Glamorous in 5 different ways!

This is look 1 - I have gone for cute monochrome look with a twist of orange!

Swap the heels for flats and the sleeveless blazer for a bomber jacket for a perfect day to night look!

I will be posting 1 look everyday this week so get excited! 

If you cant wait that long to see all 5 looks then head over to the FashionFinder page to get a sneak peek! 

Hope you all had a great weekend

Much Love
Clare Astra

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Hot Pink Winter

 photo HotPinkCoatStreetstyle_zpsb193b81d.jpg  photo bobblehat_zps25a1ff54.jpg  photo PinkNewBalance_zpsb161ba1c.jpg  photo boybag_zps3f997bba.jpg  photo GreyNewBalancestreetstyle_zps3d1a8d0b.jpg  photo PinkwintercoatStreetStyle_zpsb1715e4d.jpg  photo rainbowsandfairydust_zpsc1180290.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Pink Coat - c/o OASAP
Roll Neck Jumper - Zara
Ripped Knee Jeans - Asos
New Balance Trainers - TK Maxx
Bobble Hat - Primark

Matching my laces to my coat and my lipstick is just how I roll!

Brrrr it's cold in London.

I have been wearing a lot of comfy and cozy outfits recently and I feel like its time to make more of an effort to look sharper but I am just feeling so chilled I cant be bothered to make any effort. I am such a mood dresser - maybe the festive season will bring the snazzy dresser out in me!

Until then, it's oversized knits and trainers for me ;-)

Clare Astra

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lux Fur Gilet

 photo CCChanelbrooch_zps5037fddb.jpg  photo furstreetstyle_zps83bd7ab3.jpg  photo kneepatchjeans_zps36b50ee2.jpg  photo giletandjeans_zps2f688017.jpg  photo creamrollneck_zpseeb2ced6.jpg  photo patchjeansstreetstyle_zps446b9a72.jpg  photo MichealKorsrosegoldwatch_zps6677067b.jpg  photo primarkpointedslipons_zpsb705eebc.jpg  photo furgiletstreetstyle_zps7f75bf59.jpg  photo boohoofurgilet_zpsde15890d.jpg  photo chanelboybag_zpsc93ec1ca.jpg

I Am Wearing : 
Faux fur Gilet - c/o BooHoo
Roll Neck Jumper - Zara
Knee Patch Jeans - H&M
Pointy Slip Ons - Primark

It is finally cold enough to wear our faux furs again girls!

This faux fur is a new addition to my wardrobe and boy is it a gooden! The fur is a great imitation and does the whole moving in the breeze thing that a good shaggy coat should. Also I love the slight cap - power shoulder detail that gives the gilet that little something extra and goes a long way to making it look like a far more expensive jacket than the mere £40 it really cost.

This is not the only fur I have welcomed into my wardrobe this week ( I happened to purchase another beauty from Primark, watch this space!)

Hope you are all keeping warm!

Clare Astra

Monday, November 3, 2014

Snakeskin Shoes

 photo neonshoes_zps5b8aee7e.jpg  photo bluefedora_zpsb47ab9ae.jpg  photo neonorangeheelsstreetstyle_zps3f51f023.jpg  photo camojeansandheels_zpsb1706f25.jpg  photo camouflagejeans_zps91cd5959.jpg  photo nextsnakeskinshoes_zps9441af37.jpg  photo bluefedorastreetstyle_zps5e5cb343.jpg  photo rollneck_zps733772fa.jpg  photo furgiletstreetstyle_zps88b39493.jpg  photo nextshoesstreetstyle_zpsbefa9dff.jpg  photo ukfashionblogger_zpscd708f77.jpg

I Am wearing :

Blue Fedora - H&M
Grey Roll Neck - Zara
Fur Gilet - H&M
Camo Jeans - Internacionale
Snakeskin Heels - c/o Next 
Handbag - OASAP
Lips - MAC Neon Orange

Move over leopard print, snakeskin is the new animal print for this season and I like it!

I fell head over snakeskin heels the moment I laid eyes on these beautiful shoes at the Next AW press day a couple of months back - I have been counting down the days till they came into store. The POP of orange is a perfect way to brighten up any outfit - this time i decided to match my shoes to my lipstick wearing MAC neon orange on my lips.

My mission now is to introduce more snake prints into my wardrobe!

Will you be trying out the snakeskin mini trend this winter? 

Clare Astra 

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