Sunday, September 21, 2014

Listen Up

 photo dusterjacketukfashionblogger_zpsdefe438d.jpg  photo lace90sslipdress_zps723ed88a.jpg  photo prurpleheadphones_zpsc18ff0a5.jpg  photo purpleheadphonesstreetstye_zpsff8722cb.jpg  photo slipdressanssliponsstreetstyle_zpsc096d6af.jpg  photo blondecurlslondonfashionblogger_zps42bace01.jpg  photo monsterheadphonesuk_zps7a844b5c.jpg  photo monsterheadphonesukblogger_zps896d9d48.jpg  photo monsterheadphones_zps71f59d3a.jpg  photo rainbowsandfairydust_zps6975bf78.jpg  photo trenchcoatstreetstyle_zpscaa0fae5.jpg  photo pinkmodelsownnails_zpsbcb1de03.jpg  photo dusterjacketstreetstyle_zps60d5a364.jpg
I Am Wearing : 
Duster Jacket - H&M
Lace Slip Dress - H&M Trend
White Tee - Primark
Chain Slip Ons - H&M
Rings - Primark
Purple HeadPhones - c/o Monster
Nail Polish - Models Own
I just got finished putting together my Glastonbury 2014 play list - my friends and I each pick 3 songs that made our festival epic, then I put them all together in one play list, burn them a disc each and then re-live the festival whenever I want! So these Monster N-Tune headphones are the perfect addition to my "tech wardrobe" coz a girls gotta look cute whilst rocking out to her fav tunes on public transport like a crazy person!!
Apart from being "really really good looking" these headphones are some of the most commuter friendly on the market - you can crank up the bass and your fellow tube passengers wont hear a thing. Features include Music Share portal to share the sound with your friends and Control Talk which allows you to take calls whilst using the headphones.
Thanx For Reading
Clare Astra

Friday, September 19, 2014

Monochrome Days

 photo chainsliponsculottesstreetstyle_zpse09a9de8.jpg  photo monochromelondonstreetstyle_zps499574b6.jpg  photo monochromeaztecsweater_zps85a407b4.jpg  photo blacksliponsgoldchainhampm_zps9b0d6134.jpg  photo monochromeforever21jumper_zpse5f34ad3.jpg  photo chanelCCiphonecase_zps754a0fe3.jpg  photo hairbraid_zps8de2ad43.jpg  photo culottesandsliponsstreetstyle_zps168aeb2a.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Aztec Sweater - Forever 21
Black Culottes - Asos
Chain Detail Slip Ons - H&M
Chanel Iphone Cover - AliExpress

I don't often have monochrome days but every now and then I am surprise myself and keep it simple!

Black and white is so clean and sharp I find it hard to pull off as my personality is so messy - a little like my hair! So my take on monochrome had to include a busy aztec print to keep it in my comfort zone!

How do you wear monochrome? 

Thanx For Reading
Clare Astra

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Floral Duster Jacket

 photo floraldusterjacketstreetstyle_zpsde4f1498.jpg  photo asosrippedkneejeansstreetstyle_zps5010a886.jpg  photo ilwffloralboyfriendjacket_zps0a1737af.jpg  photo bucketbagstreetstyle_zpsf81f4f65.jpg  photo londonfashionblogger_zps1967c360.jpg  photo rainbowsandfairydustfashion_zpsc46a0671.jpg  photo captainbobshihtzu_zps54473c9a.jpg
I Am Wearing : 
Duster Jacket - c/o InLoveWithFashion
White T-Shirt - H&M
Ripped Jeans - Asos
Fedora - TK Maxx
Trainers - George Asda
How Cute does Captain Bob look in that last pic?!
This floral duster jacket is basically a smart kimono and my love for kimonos knows no end, so I think thats why I love it so much! The fabric is just gorgeous and its a perfect for adding an edge to a simple jeans and tee combo - cute and comfy clothing is my life!!
Currently packing for a little sunshine holiday to Spain, so I'll be doing my best to make you all jel with my beach pics on instagram next week! ;-)
Thanks for reading darlings
Clare Astra 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Crochet Crop

 photo cropcrochetsweater_zps2529f25d.jpg  photo sunflowersstreetstyle_zps532f5fdb.jpg  photo widelegtrousersfurgilet_zps17f073df.jpg  photo LAMKnitwearsweater_zps7e618b9a.jpg  photo howtostylewidelegtrousers_zpsc9194bda.jpg  photo crochetsweaterstreetstyle_zpsfbc8c6d0.jpg  photo ukfashionblogger_zps6dae9b4f.jpg  photo bohostreetstylelondon_zps243f2aee.jpg
I Am Wearing :
Fedora - TK Maxx
Crochet Crop Sweater - c/o LAM Knitwear
Fur Gilet - H&M
Wide Leg Floral Trousers - Asos
Ankle Boots - Forever 21
Chanel Boy Bag - AliExpress
Lips - NV chunky lip crayon in Watermelon
I have found myself in possession of yet another beautiful crochet number - this new love  of mine may be getting a little out of hand! 

LAM Knitwear is a great brand to get hooked on (crochet pun not intended but worth noting!) - all pieces are hand knitted, crochet and embroidered by incredibly talaented women artisans from some of the poorest, rural communities in Zimbabwe. Check them out their clothes are made with love and passion and they are super pretty too!

Thanks for reading - have a marvellous weekend my lovelies

Clare Astra

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Grecian Garden Party

 photo Chichimaxidress_zpse3690075.jpg  photo maxidressstreetstyle_zpsb5822847.jpg  photo hydrangea_zps670b694a.jpg  photo grecianmaxi_zps67cd2e82.jpg  photo clutchbag_zps01fc8f43.jpg  photo captainbobshihtzu_zpsbdffa2dc.jpg  photo bluemaxidressfurgilet_zpsc905d6ca.jpg  photo flowers_zpsded4a76b.jpg  photo aquamxidress_zps9e76d85d.jpg  photo golddetails_zpsb202c05c.jpg  photo promdressstreetstyle_zps79447308.jpg  photo lovetattoogirlstattoo_zps549567e4.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Aqua Maxi Dress - c/o ChiChi
Fur - H&M
Heels - Primark

You all know that my love for a great maxi dress runs deep so when i received this stunning Grecian goddess ChiChi dress I was sooooo happy! The things I love about ChiChi dresses are that they always fit true to size, you don't have to worry about finding a petticoat because they are always fully lined, the fabric is weighty so when you walk the dress moves like a dream, and you always get great compliments when you are in a ChiChi dress!! ;-) If you haven't tried them out yet you totally should! Also- Top Tip - check out their sale section the markdowns are insanely good!!

You Are Welcome!

Thanks for reading lovelies, have a great day 

Clare Astra

Friday, August 15, 2014

Crochet Coat

 photo lacejacketstreetstyle_zps5ad84052.jpg  photo aboveknucklerings_zps1e50318f.jpg  photo crochetcoatstreetstyle_zpsd1a9b9c2.jpg  photo floraltrouserslacestreetstylelondon_zps8b53465a.jpg  photo ukfashionblogger_zps9ae71eb3.jpg  photo hmfloraltrousersstreetstyle_zpsd403b93e.jpg  photo michealkorswatch_zpsdcf33e55.jpg  photo quizcrochetcoatlondon_zpsb6b14174.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Lace Coat - c/o Quiz
Coral Vest - Primark
Floral Trousers - H&M
Coral Heels - Primark
Bag - Primark
Mirrored Aviators - Primark
Rings - Primark
Bracelets - Primark

So my lace obsession continues with this beautiful Quiz coat - only £34.99 - yup I know such a bargain!

Happy Friday lovelies - cheers to the weeeeeekend!


Clare Astra x
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