Monday, October 20, 2014

Blue Poodle

 photo blondecurls_zpsbbe02fdf.jpg  photo poodlejumper_zps2b853b0f.jpg  photo londonfashionblogger_zps319e4116.jpg  photo anklestrapshoes_zps12c4ea0d.jpg  photo blackmidifullcircleskirt_zps4e9dc371.jpg  photo whiteboyfriendcoatstreetstyle_zps075c7538.jpg  photo whiteoversizedwintercoatstreetstyle_zps95a2593e.jpg  photo chanelboybagstreetstyle_zps4bf33f82.jpg
I Am Wearing :
White Oversized Boyfriend Coat - Topshop
Poodle Sweater - c/o OASAP
Black Full Midi Skirt - H&M
Pointed Heels - Primark
Chanel Boy Bag

I hauled last years TopShop coat out of the back of my wardrobe, I have a funny feeling that it is gonna stay a firm favourite for another season!

Clare Astra 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Splash Of Colour - Chanel Paint Palette Inspired

 photo pleatedmidiskirt_zpsfd991279.jpg  photo asosleopardprintjacket_zpsb2c2dd12.jpg  photo pinkpleatedmidiskirt_zps612109a0.jpg  photo rainbowjumper_zps1559b6d3.jpg  photo chanelpaintpalletstreetstyle_zps48d87e3f.jpg  photo feathertattoo_zpsd7cf5c44.jpg  photo sliponsandaskirt_zpse664fc42.jpg  photo chanelpaintpalletsweater_zps0f23bb5a.jpg  photo neonyellowbagstreetstyle_zpsf8bc8e90.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Leopard Print Leather Biker - Asos
Chanel Inspired Paint Palette Sweater - c/o OASAP
Pink Pleated Midi Skirt - H&M
Neon Yellow Cross Body - Primark
Black Chain Slip Ons - H&M

It was a case of love at first sight when I spotted this Chanel inspired paint pallet jumper on OASAP - girls it is a bargain at £17.55 and takes around 10 days to arrive!!

It is a cropped sweater - I have actually styled it a little shorter (folded it under twice) with my high waisted skirt as I wanted to show the black trim on my skirt to make the outfit work with the shoes and jacket ;-)

Have a rainbow filled Wednesday my lovelies

Clare Astra

Monday, October 13, 2014

Berry Tones

 photo reddusterjacket_zpse3c9295f.jpg  photo Parist-shirt_zpsb345d39b.jpg  photo stellamccartneychainbag_zps3e6755f9.jpg  photo fedorastreetstyle_zps123ce449.jpg  photo zaraanklestrapheels_zps2c6d8c17.jpg  photo skinnyjeansandafedora_zps2d5934bd.jpg  photo ilwfdusterjacket_zps9c931f8b.jpg  photo floppybrimfedora_zps2b2d29aa.jpg  photo zaraheelsstreetstyle_zpsb52861ac.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Duster Jacket - c/o ILWF
Paris T-Shirt - c/o USC
Skinny Jeans - Great Plains
Heels - Zara
Fedora - H&M
Bag - St Johns Market in Liverpool

Keeping it casual and comfortable this weekend mixing berry reds with a simple graphic tee and skinny jeans topped off with my fav fedora. 

Clare Astra

Friday, October 10, 2014

Perfect Pleats

 photo casualpleatedmidiskirtukfashionblogger_zpsc3b881b8.jpg  photo mintzaraslipontrainers_zps41cf964d.jpg  photo neonyellowbag_zps364bdb43.jpg  photo skirtandtrainersstreetstyle_zpsf897d545.jpg  photo mintgreensweaterstreetstyle_zpsbe06aec9.jpg  photo neoncrossbodybagprimark_zpsd5fb0b32.jpg  photo pleatedasosmidiskirt_zpsf9aefa4f.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Mint Sweater - H&M
White Blouse - Vintage
Pleated Midi Skirt - Asos
Mint Slip Ons - Zara
Neon Bag - Primark
Aviators - Forever21

Layering up for Autumn and trying to keep a hold of my fav summer sorbet colours at the same time! 
I am not sure how much longer I can get away with going out without tights though!

Have a great weekend lovelies


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Autumn Leaves

 photo floppyhatkimonostreetstyle_zps4b543cbe.jpg  photo autumnkimono_zps45e934bd.jpg  photo orangeshoesstreetstyle_zps9e525a13.jpg  photo autumnleavesfashionshoot_zpsc17c2b33.jpg  photo ILWFjumpsuitstreetstyle_zpse48ffd2b.jpg  photo floppyhatautumnstreetfashion_zps215b63d5.jpg  photo zarashoes_zpsbea90a6b.jpg  photo inlovewithfashionbloggerstreetstyle_zps0a651eb2.jpg

I Am Wearing - 

Kimono - c/o In Love With Fashion
Wide Leg Jumpsuit - c/o In Love With Fashion
Floppy Hat - Primark
Shoes - Zara

This kimono is the bomb!

Wearing all the colours of Autumn - it has arrived and I am going to like - at least thats what I am telling myself! Farewell Summer :-(

Clare Astra

Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Boho

 photo windowseat_zps1f290bc4.jpg  photo bohooutfitfashioninspiration_zpse269b24c.jpg  photo anklebootstopshop_zps22476127.jpg  photo woodenbangle_zps898188e0.jpg  photo bohofashionblogger_zps26bb4e93.jpg  photo blondecurls_zps06d7b0e4.jpg  photo IMG_7417copy_zps4419435f.jpg  photo bohodress_zps1e72e196.jpg  photo IMG_7420copy_zpsb4a90f67.jpg  photo ankleboots_zpse45ea141.jpg  photo autumnfashion_zpsc595cc8c.jpg
I Am Wearing :
Green Fedora - TK Maxx
Cream Cardigan - Zara
Boho Midi Dress - c/o BonmarchĂ© 
Ankle Boots - TopShop
Sunglasses - Moschino via TK Maxx

So I was sent a "secret surprise package" put together just for me, when it arrived I must say I really was surprised to find a BonmarchĂ© dress inside. I my mind BonmarchĂ© is a store for mature women (my 70 year old Aunt shops in there)  so naturally when I saw this cute purple boho dress I was like "say whaaaaat?". I popped it on and against all of my preconceived ideas of what a mature ladies store bought dress would look like on me - it turned out to be a pretty sweeet dress! The only fault I could find was the buttons down the front don't open and I would have liked to have popped the top button to give the dress more of a gypsy boho look. 

The lesson I have learnt this week is - not to judge a shop by its demographic - LOL I am such a loser - who says things like that - oh yeah me!

Anyways girls it's time to try new stores - you NEVER know what cute little gypsy girl dress is hiding in that shop you never go in!

Happy shopping my lovely readers!

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