Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lets Here It For New York

 photo L1012274copy_zps918a0d99.jpg  photo L1012262_zps82a9a5ba.jpg  photo L1012252copy_zpsa12838d5.jpg  photo L1012273copy_zps0abb3959.jpg  photo L1012254_zpsdd7b45b4.jpg  photo L1012256_zpsf01fa736.jpg  photo L1012261copy_zpsa67458d4.jpg  photo L1012260_zps95850b19.jpg

What I Am Wearing :
NY SnapBack - Ebay
Varsity Jacket - Primark Mens
New York Tee - Primark
Ripped Jeans - New Look
USA American Flag Pumps - Primark

I know, I know, you dont have to tell me that all I have been wearing is this varsity trend - BUT it is sooo comfy and easy to wear! So I am not gonna apologise for being boring because I wouldn't mean it!!! :-)

Sooooo I have been SEARCHING high and low for the perfect pair of light denim torn jeans and I found them in New Look - to be honest I bought 4 pairs of jeans whilst in New Look - they heave SOOO many great styles! And I am really happy with all of them! They wear well, are comfy, fit well and are super value for money! Well worth a look if your shopping this week :-)

Hope you are all well and are planning to eat FAR too much chocolate this Easter weekend?!!

Loads of Love

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spots & Stripes

 photo 07varsitystreetstyle_zps085b279b.jpg  photo 10londonstreetstyle_zpsfa9942a2.jpg  photo 06mulberryclutchbag_zpsdb837f5f.jpg  photo 04jackwillsstripes_zps17ca6590.jpg  photo 01JackWillsjumper_zps41fab279.jpg  photo 03jackwillsvarsity_zpsdb085bd6.jpg  photo 02jackwillsstreetstyle_zps114c5f37.jpg  photo 09spikednecklace_zps5bda61f0.jpg  photo 08polksdottrousers_zps5e6da458.jpg  photo 11jackwillsvarsitystyle_zpse2046e7c.jpg  photo 05NYsnapback_zps26b44290.jpg
I Am Wearing : 
LA Snapback - Primark Mens
Striped Sweater - c/o Jack Wills
Denim Shirt - Primark
Spotty Jeans - Matalan
Red Varsity Jacket - Primark Mens
Red Flats - River Island
Clutch - Mulberry (Christmas present)
Spiked Necklace - Primark
Eagle Necklace - c/o Bohemian Collective (now on sale)

Finally I got to use my Mulberry clutch that I got for Christmas from gorgeous cousin Debbie, because of the colour and fabric it lends itself to casual day wear more easily than evening wear. I do love a good day clutch - not very practical if your out shopping but if your just chilling in town hitting the museums and cafes then its a perfect way to add something a little different to your outfit. And God knows I like to be different!!

Also - how freakin awesome is my new LA felt snapback from Primark mens? It was like £4 and I did a little dance when I found it! Primark has been good to me this month - check out my Instagram  (@rainbowsnfairyd) for my lastest BARGAIN from Primark!

Wanna win my sweater?

Here is how you can get your hands on your own Jack Wills spring collection jumper :

Visit the Jack Wills #Greenshoots Pinterest board and simply repin, with a short comment on why you  like the item, to win it! - there are heaps of pieces from their Spring collection to choose, so if you dont fancy my sweater, pin something else!!! - GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Want Wednesday

I am in the mood for COLOUR, go bold or go home right?! 

It is my birthday next week so when Avenue 32 (a beautifully designed website chocka block full of carefully curated designer picks) came into my life/inbox I knew it was the perfect match for my birthday wish list - emphasis on WISH.

Avenue 32 has a great mix of new and already established designers for you to browse, pop over and  check out Todd Lynn, Poplin and Mother Of Pearl. Their designs are so beautiful and like nothing you can find on the highstreet, however they dont come cheap, but if you are in the mood for a birthday splurge or just a splurge then they are most certainly worth a look.

Happy Wednesday Lovelies :-)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monochrome With A Neon Pop

 photo L1012198_zps4e04a59d.jpg

 photo L1012210_zpsffd3b8b9.jpg

 photo L1012222copy_zps884adc91.jpg

 photo L1012230copy_zps00fef16f.jpg

 photo L1012234copy_zps37adae3e.jpg

 photo L1012246_zpse6eef0e8.jpg

 photo L1012237copy_zps43ac969c.jpg

 photo L1012209copy_zps9c88d4ac.jpg

 photo L1012217_zps3cf4c216.jpg

I Am Wearing :
Mickey Mouse Ears Cap - Ebay
Varsity Tee - BooHoo
Varsity Jacket - Asos Via Charity Shop
Checked Trousers - Asos
Neon Nike Trainers - Sports Direct
Silver Necklace - China Doll Boutique
Pop Art Clutch - NewLook
Sunglasses - c/o An Outfit
Neon Cuff - Diva

On my way home the other day I saw this super stylish girl waitin for the train at my station and she was wearing an AWESOME black baseball cap with silver horns, I rushed home to search ebay for that hat. Whilst surfing ebay I came across this "mickey ears" cap and knew immediately that it HAD to be mine!

The auction ended whilst I was at a party last Saturday night - like a true ebay professional I was hauled up in the corner with the best 3G connection phone and bidding finger on one had and champagne in the other! There is something quiet special about celebrating and ebay win with a glass of the good stuff!!

I still havent found the sliver horned baseball cap - if you come across one on your travels could you please let me know where I can get it!!

I am also LOVING my new check trousers from Asos - they are such a good fit and the fabric is just gorgeous!

Not to mention my New Look pop art clutch!! It was SUCH a bargain at only £9.99. I did a pretty big shop at New Look last week, I am SO impressed with their recent collections - they have stepped up their game and are making quite a dent in my bank account!!!

Big Love

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Am Such A Dork!

 photo L1012129_zps217d04a8.jpg  photo L1012141copy_zps0173246d.jpg  photo L1012131copy_zps702c929b.jpg  photo L1012133copy_zpsdfd8329c.jpg  photo L1012138_zps80cf0499.jpg  photo L1012145copy_zpsa8443154.jpg  photo L1012152_zps5fc5c79e.jpg  photo L1012147_zpsf4335002.jpg  photo L1012136copy_zps1743a405.jpg  photo L1012155_zps2aafefe9.jpg

I Am Wearing :
Cream Leather Biker Jacket - St Johns Market Liverpool
Dork T-Shirt - Primark
Tartan Trousers - Uniqlo
Cream Studded Boots - Matalan
Leather Backpack - Vintage
Studded Cat Ears - Topshop
Round Sunglasses - H&M

I have been crushing on the Topshop "GEEK" t-shirts for yonkers now and was thinking about getting one when i stumbled across this DORK tee in Primark. As SOON as I saw it i knew it was the shirt for me! I am WAY more of a dork than a geek!!!

I popped into Primark again this weekend and they have heaps of new slogan t-shirts in fab summer sorbet colours - not sure i need another one but if you have been thinking about getting one then it is well worth a nosey round your local Primark!

I have been to ANOTHER 2 birthday parties this weekend - all of a sudden my life seems to have gotten busy again and my wardrobe is now sprawled out all over the house as a result!!

I need to start planning outfits in advance of nights out instead of an hour before I am due to leave the house! 

Do you decide what you are wearing just before or leave the house like me or do you have a brilliant tip on how I can be more organised???

Let me know please - I need help!

Hope y'all are enjoying what is left of your weekend.

Mucho Love

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

China Doll Boutique

 photo IMG_4848_zps7cc0fae2.jpg

 photo IMG_4847_zps12aba178.jpg

 photo IMG_4864_zps05c4c82d.jpg

 photo IMG_4876_zps970ea039.jpg

 photo IMG_4870_zps6065bd50.jpg

 photo IMG_4863_zpsb153de65.jpg

 photo IMG_4867_zps8b07bf18.jpg

 photo IMG_4846_zps51b6de6d.jpg

 photo IMG_4859_zpsba1ecb05.jpg

China Doll Boutique has opened a brand new pop-up shop at Boxpark in Shorditch .... it is soooo cute, if you are in London it is well worth a nosey, but be quick as it pops back down on 31st March! 

These pics are from the blogger event they held the other week, which was a lovely evening filled with cake, smoozing and shopping!

They have heaps of great pieces at super affordable prices - which is the kind of shopping I like! My faves have to be the tiger sweater, rose jumper and monochrome dog tooth coat.

I purchased the big silver claw like necklace and I just LOVE it, it looks like it cost me a lot of money - which it totally didn't - bargains are the best!! Cant wait to do some outfit posts in it so u can see just how cool it is!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend? Mine was busy with shopping, and parties - now i need another weekend to get over it!!

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