Thursday, January 30, 2014

F&F SS14 Collection

 photo FampFSS1418_zps04ed1d9e.jpg  photo FampFSS1419_zps47f692d8.jpg  photo FampFSS1417_zps1cf63c59.jpg  photo FampFSS1416_zpsee5fcba3.jpg  photo FampFSS1415_zps4ce5fd0d.jpg  photo FampFSS1412_zps03463335.jpg  photo FampFSS1414_zpsb85556ac.jpg  photo FampFSS1404_zps627bfacb.jpg  photo FampFSS1405_zpsfa6c5ff5.jpg  photo FampFSS1413_zpsc0e75e23.jpg  photo FampFSS1403_zpsfbdfa6ca.jpg  photo FampFSS1406_zps9889d0d7.jpg  photo FampFSS1402_zps9a631a69.jpg  photo FampFSS1407_zps44adefe5.jpg  photo FampFSS1401_zps80f7423b.jpg  photo FampFSS1411_zpsd00d820b.jpg  photo FampFSS1408_zpsd9e54bc9.jpg

So what do you think?

F&F have upped their game right?

That black kimono with the colourful beaded flowers is just to die for - and the orange jumpsuit NEEDS a new home - my wardrobe!

LOVING this collection - High Fives all round :-)

PS Its nearly the freakin weekend folks - Lets have it!!!!


Clare Astra

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Light Layers

 photo Pinkcoatstreetstyle_zps452c15bf.jpg  photo whitecutoutboots_zps259cd728.jpg  photo pinkandgreypastelstreetstyle_zps618dc5bb.jpg  photo monochromebagwarehousestreetstyle_zps1e811166.jpg  photo pinknewlookcoatstreetstyle_zpsfaf07493.jpg  photo whitecutoutbootsmissselfridge_zps9827f319.jpg  photo pinkcoatjewlledbeanielondonblogger_zpsc165cf08.jpg  photo blackandwhitebagstreetstyle_zps396d1095.jpg  photo statemantnecklacefashion_zps62dae019.jpg  photo pastelpinkcoat_zps51b216b1.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Pastel Pink Coat - New Look
Grey Jumper - New Look
Grey Jeans - H&M
White Cut Out Boots - Miss Selfridge
Jewelled Beanie - Forever 21
Monochrome Bag - Warehouse
Necklace - Primark

Keeping warm in wool - it's cold out here!

I haven't worn these white cutout boots as much as I have wanted to - I dont know why because I love them - I especially love that they have a rose gold buckle - I have seen a lot of accessories coming through the SS press days and rose gold is BIG next season! 

This makes me happy!

Clare Astra

Monday, January 27, 2014

Clarks SS 14

 photo clarksSS1411_zpse9683b35.jpg

The Shoes 

 photo clarksSS1412_zps4a1de84c.jpg  photo clarksSS1404_zps0acf510f.jpg  photo clarksSS1405_zps08a33f20.jpg

The Sandals

 photo clarksSS1403_zpse5f61eef.jpg  photo clarksSS1401_zps7e69fde6.jpg  photo clarksSS1406_zpsda272249.jpg

The Wedges

 photo clarksSS1402_zpsb1d5f716.jpg  photo clarksSS1407_zpsb6c76a8a.jpg  photo clarksSS1408_zps9c6d8690.jpg  photo clarksSS1409_zps6777f744.jpg  photo clarksSS1410_zpsccfa9d89.jpg

The Trainers

 photo clarksSS1413_zps46ba2009.jpg

Clarks SS14 is full of little gems that will look AND feel good on your feet! I SO want some of those mint green trainers!

Do you have a fav pair?

Clare Astra 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Float Away

 photo silverbootsstreetstyletieredskirt_zps0c6a3266.jpg  photo fullskirtpasteldipdye_zpsefa3a3df.jpg  photo sequinspastelfashion_zps2ac79c84.jpg  photo winterpastels_zpsb6d73b3d.jpg  photo floralheadbandmintflowers_zpsfe9e42c9.jpg  photo holographicclutchbagdorothyperkins_zpsaefe6e70.jpg  photo sequinnedsweaterstreetstyle_zpsb5cdfd9c.jpg  photo silverbootsstreetstylefullskirt_zps8771c596.jpg  photo pinkpastelballoonstreetstyle_zpsd2c852c7.jpg  photo pinkandyellowballoonsphotoshoot_zpsfb6c2a34.jpg  photo girlwithbigballoonpastelskirt_zps6d885f01.jpg  photo sugarhillboutiquesweatersequinnedbirds_zpsde30f352.jpg  photo silverboots_zpsb8864ab4.jpg  photo sugarhillboutiquejumper_zpsa5e00a89.jpg  photo flowercrownpastelmintgreenstreetstyle_zpse089abc0.jpg  photo silverclutchbagribbon_zps2d8467f7.jpg  photo layeredskirtfullbigswingskirt_zpsfc2170be.jpg  photo bigballoonstreetstyleshots_zps084b7fa0.jpg  photo bigballoonspasteloutfitstreeystyle_zps3572a962.jpg  photo holographicclutchbagstreetstyle_zps0beb6e14.jpg  photo bigballoonfashionshoot_zps2497b490.jpg
I Am Wearing : 
Mint Flower Crown - Forever 21
Sequinned Bird Sweater - c/oSugarhill Boutique
Dress (worn as skirt ) - TopShop (old)
Silver boots - Asos 
Holographic Clutch - Dorothy Perkins
Watch - Michael Kors
Last week I went to the Dorothy Perkins SS Accessories press day and the whole place was beautifully decorated with these big balloons! Naturally I had arrived late in the day and was leaving just as they began packing up - cheekily I enquired what they would be doing with the balloons and when they said "popping them" I knew I had to rescue some for an outfit post!
I did leave with 3 but after running through soho for my bus 1 of the balloons escaped!! RIP my big blue balloon - you were loved for the short time we spent together!
This is my favourite blog post EVER - I hope you enjoyed the photo overload as much as I enjoyed playing with balloons in the street!!
PS - The Winner of my iconemesis giveaway is Jane Lambet! Congratulations - check your email!
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