Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kimono Weather?

 photo londonfashionbloggerUK_zps7e3e2ce8.jpg  photo patchworkjeansblondehair_zps42c7de71.jpg  photo silverbootsstreetstyle_zps73e25160.jpg  photo kimonostreetstyle_zpsace49cc2.jpg  photo whitet-shirtstreetstyle_zps940f8a74.jpg  photo gypsywarriorbreastplatenecklace_zps02046753.jpg  photo silverbracelets_zpsdfc9a67a.jpg  photo blossom_zpsbc3b937e.jpg  photo handmkimono_zps40b2c19b.jpg  photo kimonoandjeansstreetstyle_zps6108bd1f.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Kimono - H&M
White Tee - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Silver Boots - Asos
Jewellery - The Bohemian Collective

This week has been a really tough one for me. 

One of the most wonderful women in my life passed away on Tuesday afternoon, My lovely dear Aunty was a such a special lady to so many people and we will miss her so much.

Life is so short and so precious - be good to the ones you love and be generous to the people who need your generosity - don't hold grudges and do everything to the best of your ability with humility and grace.

These are the qualities that made my Aunty such a special person - if I can be half the woman she was then I will be on the right path :-)

Have a great weekend my friends - go and make some memories!

Much Love

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coco Made Me Do It

 photo leopardprintsliponsstreetstyle_zpsca9d9102.jpg  photo sliponsstreetstyle_zpsa9d5da16.jpg  photo plaidshirtaroundwaist_zpsff7ecd45.jpg  photo patchworkjeansstreetstyle_zps48681624.jpg  photo blondecurlspatchjeans_zps29a51d75.jpg  photo bluebagstreetstyle_zpsd5b3c0d5.jpg  photo leatherbikerstreetstyle_zpsdfe8d793.jpg  photo oversizedsunglasses_zpsaad68026.jpg  photo blondecurlsstreetstyle_zps5816f181.jpg  photo cocomademedoit_zps6c04f910.jpg  photo slogant-shirt_zps15ac2fd1.jpg

I Am Wearing : 
Coco Made Me Do It T-Shirt - In Love With Fashion
Leather Biker - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Plaid Shirt - Primark
Leopard Print Slip Ons - Next
Sunglasses - Asos
Bag - c/o PersunMall

Gotta love a good slogan Tee! I Love with Fashion have looooads of good ones - and they are all under £15! My kinda T-shirts!!

I have something to share with you ladies - have you heard of MayLash?

It is a natural eyelash serum that promotes longer, fuller, thicker eyelashes! Check out the video for customer and blogger reviews.

Here is a before and after shot

I have my very own bottle to try out and I have a 30% discount code for you girls (valid for 10 days only) if you want to try this out with me!

Enter Discount Code : rainbow30 at checkout

I will be doing my own before and after in 30 days time - I am SO excited!!!

Hope you are having a great week!

Much Love

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Orange POP

 photo _DSF9025copy_zps3f9d3b11.jpg  photo _DSF9037copy_zps9078a8e5.jpg  photo _DSF8998copy_zpsa44b688f.jpg  photo _DSF9030copy_zpsabe3a9ac.jpg  photo _DSF9021copy_zps2c9d7ddf.jpg
I Am Wearing : 
Orange Bomber Jacket - c/o Boohoo
Vintage Sequinned Top - Beyond Retro
Boyfriend Jeans - H&M
Clutch - Dune
Orange Flats - Zara
Sunglasses - Asos

Spring is most definitely in the air!

Hip hip hurray the sun is finally shinning in the UK, I was beginning to wonder what it looked like and how warm it felt!

This outfit was inspired by the LFW AW14 collections - there was SO much orange on the catwalks and I just had to get my piece of the action this season! So when I saw this bomber on Boohoo I knew it was the perfect way combine nest seasons colour trends with this season jacket trend! 

My Zara flats were my Valentines present from my fab husband - they are just as colourful as flowers and they will last longer!!

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend in the sunshine 


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Warehouse Oxford Street

 photo IMG_5116copy_zps596e03d4.jpg  photo IMG_5117copy_zps9ce4e8fe.jpg  photo IMG_5103copy_zps770cf836.jpg  photo IMG_5014_zps9a413371.jpg  photo IMG_5104copy_zpsfab613ea.jpg  photo IMG_5146copy_zps448f12ef.jpg  photo IMG_5003copy_zps1e56bab2.jpg  photo IMG_5105copy_zps09a24dda.jpg  photo IMG_5106copy_zpsf7924435.jpg  photo IMG_5107copy_zps7b27f97a.jpg  photo IMG_5108copy_zps147e6abc.jpg  photo IMG_5110copy_zpsf2ab780e.jpg  photo IMG_5111copy_zps312165e5.jpg  photo IMG_5112copy_zpsd957c455.jpg  photo IMG_5113copy_zpsc8b4873c.jpg  photo IMG_5114copy_zps881b1322.jpg  photo IMG_5115copy_zps5b34d74d.jpg  photo IMG_5118copy_zpsdf8600df.jpg  photo IMG_5123copy_zps48227df9.jpg  photo IMG_5119copy_zpsded311ca.jpg  photo IMG_5122copy_zps4dc99fb4.jpg  photo IMG_5120copy_zpsff36c94b.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Pink Boyfriend Coat - TopShop
Jewelled Dress - H&M Trend
Leopard Print Bag - F&F
Heels - Primark

How freaking POPPING does the new Warehouse concept store look?!?

There are heaps of stunning pieces that are exclusive to the Oxford Street store, and if you are shopping this weekend you should check them out - you might even get GIFTED ... hit the link for more details.

Make sure you check out the fitting rooms - they are soooo pretty!

Have a super weekend lovelies


PS - I was dressed up because I went to my friends hen-do straight from checking out the store!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jumpsuit Love

 photo _DSF8825copy_zps607b9c95.jpg  photo _DSF8872copy_zps1b5abc1d.jpg  photo _DSF8835copy_zps2ce3f65b.jpg  photo _DSF8857copy_zpsf898d8d7.jpg  photo _DSF8836copy_zpsef756584.jpg  photo _DSF8847copy_zps0ccc5424.jpg  photo _DSF8905copy_zpsa6724296.jpg  photo _DSF8853copy_zps55c8c95a.jpg  photo _DSF8885copy_zpsfb0965e8.jpg  photo _DSF8895copy_zpsa543bf27.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Pink Leopard Print Jacket - Primark
Green Jumpsuit - c/o Fashion Union
Pink Heels - Primark
Heart clutch - Accessorize
Pink Necklace - Primark
Sunglasses - Asos
Watch - Michael Kors

So my 2 new Chanel phone cases arrived this week and boy are they cuuuuute! The one pictured is obvs a black perfume bottle and my other one is the pink lego inspired case - see my instagram for picture!

In other news, bought this jacket last week and wasn't sure it was 100% me but after posting it on my insta and you guys telling me to keep it - I am SO glad I asked .... you never let me down! I love it now!! :-)

Happy Hump Day Wednesday


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