Friday, May 31, 2013

New look AW13 Sneak Peek

Soooo many great pieces right?

My top 5 HAVE to be 
1. The Aztec Biker
2. The floral Kimono
3. The White Cut-Out Boots
4. The Beaded Jacket
5. The Brrrrrr Bobble Hat

Do You have any favourites??

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boohoo AW13

The Jewels

 photo IMG_5144copy_zps2dbec6fb.jpg  photo IMG_5097copy_zpsfb26d945.jpg

The Shoes

 photo IMG_5101copy_zps47d7825f.jpg  photo IMG_5100copy_zps2713778f.jpg  photo IMG_5120copy_zps13c91102.jpg

The Tops

 photo IMG_5125copy_zpse5b5532f.jpg  photo IMG_5106copy_zpsd387ca94.jpg

The Dresses

 photo IMG_5123copy_zps1ba10ea4.jpg

The Coats

 photo IMG_5130copy_zps141a900d.jpg  photo IMG_5131copy_zps71364960.jpg


 photo IMG_5187copy_zps26a5d1c3.jpg  photo IMG_5183copy_zps8e80421d.jpg  photo IMG_5150copy_zpsca087831.jpg  photo IMG_5158copy_zpsd0c16e2c.jpg  photo IMG_5153copy_zps7a6d6432.jpg  photo IMG_5168copy_zpsb7e45623.jpg  photo IMG_5152copy_zps74c4fd1a.jpg  photo IMG_5154copy_zpsdd028c2f.jpg  photo IMG_5184copy_zpsd490aa73.jpg

I Am Wearing : 
Leopard Print Kimono - River Island
Top - H&M
Fedora - TK Maxx
Jeans - Primark
CowBoy Boots - Zara
Fringe Bag - Primark

Boohoo AW13 looks pretty epic right? - I want those cut out boots and that multi coloured jumper sooo bad! 

My gorgeous blogger pal Gem from Gemsies  took these lovely pics for me with my Canon - which took a bit of getting used to for her as she rolls with a Nikon! 

I am so happy that the weather is finally warm enough for me to rock out in just a kimono - been waiting to wear this bad boy for about 6 months now! - I am SOOO into kimonos at the moment - so I apologise in advance as my wardrobe might get a little kimono crazy! If there is one thing I do well its a trend!

Currently I am chillin in Spain trying to catch some rays - although today has been rain mainly on the plaine, so I have spent the day shopping - whoops - and eating - double whoops!

So looks like ill be home with some new clothes that dont fit - unless this weather takes a turn for the better and I can get my swim on!

Hope you are all having a super week!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Levis & Leggings

 photo L1012584copy_zpse935dd9f.jpg  photo L1012535copy_zps42e28c8a.jpg  photo L1012570copy_zps027784d3.jpg  photo L1012558copy_zps1ad8510b.jpg  photo L1012573copy_zps73fd133b.jpg  photo L1012549copy_zps8583cb20.jpg  photo L1012590copy_zpsf0fef523.jpg  photo L1012545copy_zps21d76000.jpg  photo L1012603copy_zps5cb301a9.jpg  photo L1012597copy_zps0b8b1c02.jpg  photo L1012589copy_zpsce9e3401.jpg  photo L1012596copy_zpsffb779cc.jpg  photo L1012561copy_zps9ac724d6.jpg  photo L1012548copy_zpsb85ab90a.jpg
I Am Wearing :
Studded Cap - Boohoo
Oversized Vintage Levis Denim - Seek & Revive
Oversized White T-Shirt - Matalan (mens)
Printed Pattern Leggings - c/o Front Row Society
Creepers - Primark
Leather Backpack - Vintage
Sunglasses - c/o An Outfit
Bracelets - Primark & French Connection
Rings - H&M
Necklaces - Primark
Sooo the awesome peeps over at Front Row Society sent me a pair of their super cute leggings designed by Ivano Tella - they have a heap of different leggings all designed by different people! The quality is fab, they are reaaally silky soft and the best bit - the print doesn't stretch when you wear them! I dunno about you but i hate it when you put on leggings or a top or anything made with lycra in it and the patterns stretches away to white lines! - you know what im talkin about right?!
Think I am gonna make these my festival leggings - maybe?!
Also I wanted to tell you about the Seek & Revive vintage sale I went to the other week - it is being held every month in Bethnal Green the next one is on 1st June - you can buy vintage clothes by the kilo  at £15 per kilo!! I bought the Levis denim that I am wearing here and a suede patchwork waistcoat - very Penny Lane - sounds wrong but its right I am confident!! They weighed in at 1.5 Kilo so i paid £22 total bargain!!! Worth checking out if ur in London on the first of the month!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Primark High Summer Lookbook 2013

 photo primark01_zpsac19f030.jpg  photo primark02_zps7fbeefc2.jpg  photo primark03_zpsf3643149.jpg  photo primark04_zps76887944.jpg  photo primark05_zpsefd08d5a.jpg  photo primark06_zpsacb97ec5.jpg  photo primark07_zpsb54056d7.jpg  photo primark08_zps78c2a88a.jpg  photo primark09_zpsabd942b1.jpg  photo primark10_zps994603ad.jpg  photo primark11_zps65588e27.jpg

Ok so hands up who wants pretty much EVERYTHING from the Primark High Summer collection??

I got BOTH my hands up!!

Items are expected to be instore in the next couple of weeks - as we all know collections dont always come in store together so I suggest you pay a visit to your local primark once a week to make sure you get the pieces you want!

Happy Shopping this weekend guys!!

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