Sunday, November 30, 2014

Iridescent Day Dreams

 photo blondecurlyhair_zpsc83c7ebf.jpg  photo pinkmoschinobarbiemirrorphonecase_zps8b8a6502.jpg  photo holographicclutchstreetstyle_zps959a07fb.jpg  photo pinkpleatedskirt_zps2e9afea6.jpg  photo holographicslipons_zps38a2ec6c.jpg  photo pleatedmidiskirtstreetstyle_zps09aa999f.jpg  photo pinkiridescentsequint-shirt_zps558e6932.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Sequinned T-Shirt - Glamorous c/o Asos Fashion Finder
Pleated Midi Skirt - Asos
Iridescent Slip Ons - Asos
Holographic Clutch - Dorothy Perkins
Barbie Mirror iphone cover - Moschino

My 4th look for my Asos fashion finder style a sequinned t-shirt 5 ways, is a little more sports luxe than my other looks.

This outfit is all about having fun, I may have gone cray cray with the iridescent trend but it makes me smile and I believe that clothes should make you feel good!

Make the most of whats left of the weekend peeps!

Have a beautiful Sunday wherever you are :-)

Clare Astra 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

 photo peridotlondoncoat_zpsc19dbade.jpg  photo boyfriendjeansandheels_zps1d136990.jpg  photo widebrimfedora_zps7c01460b.jpg  photo layeredsequint-shirt_zpsf0017b98.jpg  photo greycheckcoat_zpsf0c0a76c.jpg  photo greyfedorastreetstyle_zps36987733.jpg  photo doubledenimstreetstyle_zpsff004b45.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Checked Wool Coat - Peridot London c/o Tags On
Sequinned T-Shirt - Glamorous c/o Asos Fashion Finder
Denim Shirt - Primark
BoyFriend Jeans - NewLook
Glitter Heels - c/o Deichmanns
Wide Brim Fedora - H&M

This is look 3 from my Asos Fashion Finder style a sequinned t-shirt 5 ways challenge.

I opted for a layered look - since it has turned super cold in the UK I was happy with this decision!!

Working sequins into your day look is a festive season must! In fact I have been happily working sequins into my day wear all year long and it has been well received by you guys and the people I meet. For some reason sequins seem to make people happy! 

A little sparkle on a dull day goes a long way.

(you can totally use that quote - I think I might make it my new mantra! LOL)

Here's to the freakin weekend friends!

Clare Astra

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Fairy On Top Of The Tree

 photo tulleskirt_zps5cd3ccba.jpg  photo floralheadbandstreetstyle_zps287b8a40.jpg  photo rainbowsandfairydust_zpsc1b4aefc.jpg  photo pasteltutu_zps04b94bab.jpg  photo whitemidiskirtstreetstyle_zps90f207af.jpg  photo sequinnedt-shirt_zpse76b45f0.jpg  photo fairyskirtstreetstyle_zps3cd195d6.jpg  photo mouseflats_zps3534605f.jpg  photo tutumidiskirt_zps936cf465.jpg  photo tutulayers_zps44f2d283.jpg  photo whitetutumidiskirtstreetstyle_zpsad328d6c.jpg  photo autumnleaves_zpscc476bd1.jpg  photo winterwhites_zpsc662550d.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Leather Biker - H&M
Sequinned T-Shirt - Glamorous c/o Asos
Net Skirt - BooHoo
Tutu Underskirt - Beyond Retro
Mouse Flats - Primark
Floral Headband - New Look
Nude Clutch - F&F

Look 2 of my 5 ways to wear this sequinned T-Shirt - inspired by the Christmas fairy from the top of the tree, this all white look is only for those of you who are not prone to spillage's or falling over!

I managed to stay white even with a little sit down on the side of the road to take some pics! Most of you wont be stopping off for a seat on the curb unless you have had too much egg nog at the office Christmas party ;-)

To see all 5 looks on the Asos Fashion Finder page click here - or you can wait for my next blog post!!

Thanx for reading

Clare Astra

Monday, November 24, 2014

Orange Pop!

 photo blackrippedkneeskinnyjeans_zpsffea6913.jpg  photo floppyhatstreetstyle_zps756c9028.jpg  photo orangeshoulderbag_zps5ca11687.jpg  photo christmassparklestreetstyle_zpsf2cb11bb.jpg  photo sleevelessjacketstreetstyle_zps695cb903.jpg  photo sequinnedtopstreetstyle_zpse6cfecac.jpg  photo snakeskinheels_zps09964b24.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Sleeveless blazer - River Island
Sequinned T-Shirt - Glamorous
Black Skinny Jeans - Boohoo
Snakeskin Heels - Next 
Floppy Hat - Primark

So I was challenged by Asos Fashion Finder to wear this beautiful iridescent sequinned t-shirt from  Glamorous in 5 different ways!

This is look 1 - I have gone for cute monochrome look with a twist of orange!

Swap the heels for flats and the sleeveless blazer for a bomber jacket for a perfect day to night look!

I will be posting 1 look everyday this week so get excited! 

If you cant wait that long to see all 5 looks then head over to the FashionFinder page to get a sneak peek! 

Hope you all had a great weekend

Much Love
Clare Astra

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Hot Pink Winter

 photo HotPinkCoatStreetstyle_zpsb193b81d.jpg  photo bobblehat_zps25a1ff54.jpg  photo PinkNewBalance_zpsb161ba1c.jpg  photo boybag_zps3f997bba.jpg  photo GreyNewBalancestreetstyle_zps3d1a8d0b.jpg  photo PinkwintercoatStreetStyle_zpsb1715e4d.jpg  photo rainbowsandfairydust_zpsc1180290.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Pink Coat - c/o OASAP
Roll Neck Jumper - Zara
Ripped Knee Jeans - Asos
New Balance Trainers - TK Maxx
Bobble Hat - Primark

Matching my laces to my coat and my lipstick is just how I roll!

Brrrr it's cold in London.

I have been wearing a lot of comfy and cozy outfits recently and I feel like its time to make more of an effort to look sharper but I am just feeling so chilled I cant be bothered to make any effort. I am such a mood dresser - maybe the festive season will bring the snazzy dresser out in me!

Until then, it's oversized knits and trainers for me ;-)

Clare Astra

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lux Fur Gilet

 photo CCChanelbrooch_zps5037fddb.jpg  photo furstreetstyle_zps83bd7ab3.jpg  photo kneepatchjeans_zps36b50ee2.jpg  photo giletandjeans_zps2f688017.jpg  photo creamrollneck_zpseeb2ced6.jpg  photo patchjeansstreetstyle_zps446b9a72.jpg  photo MichealKorsrosegoldwatch_zps6677067b.jpg  photo primarkpointedslipons_zpsb705eebc.jpg  photo furgiletstreetstyle_zps7f75bf59.jpg  photo boohoofurgilet_zpsde15890d.jpg  photo chanelboybag_zpsc93ec1ca.jpg

I Am Wearing : 
Faux fur Gilet - c/o BooHoo
Roll Neck Jumper - Zara
Knee Patch Jeans - H&M
Pointy Slip Ons - Primark

It is finally cold enough to wear our faux furs again girls!

This faux fur is a new addition to my wardrobe and boy is it a gooden! The fur is a great imitation and does the whole moving in the breeze thing that a good shaggy coat should. Also I love the slight cap - power shoulder detail that gives the gilet that little something extra and goes a long way to making it look like a far more expensive jacket than the mere £40 it really cost.

This is not the only fur I have welcomed into my wardrobe this week ( I happened to purchase another beauty from Primark, watch this space!)

Hope you are all keeping warm!

Clare Astra
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