Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ipanema Flip Flops

 photo _DSF1557copy_zps0c7f744b.jpg
I love the Missoni-esq zigzag print on these flopflops!
 photo _DSF1548copy_zps07397cd7.jpg
 photo _DSF1589copy_zpsf766aa2a.jpg
The clever thing about these flop flops is the interchangeable thong - 3 colours - 3 different outfits - or better still - a great excuse for 3 new bikinis!!
 photo _DSF1598copy_zpsb0b8a872.jpg  photo _DSF1579copy_zps778ed364.jpg  photo _DSF1562copy_zpsce231ec2.jpg  photo _DSF1556copy_zpsce70d306.jpg  photo _DSF1606copy_zps4e02ec0a.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Purple Ipanema Flip Flops - c/o Ipanema
Gold Ipanema Flip Flops - c/o Ipanema

These flip flops are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever worn! The rubber is so spongy, it really does give you a little spring in your step, and the thong sits perfectly between your toes.

I have found my perfect summer flip flops and with heaps of bright a beautiful colours to choose from I cant to hit the beach in these! Now where did I put my gold bikini?!! ;-)

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Have a gorgeous weekend
Clare Astra

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Sara Luxe said...

i love your photo compositions x

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