Saturday, January 9, 2010

Green Coat

Hat Primark (customised with studs i bought from ebay)
Fur Stole H&M
Mickey Necklace Ebay
Coat River Island
Belt Ribbon from one of my dresses
Leather Gloves Primark
Cardigan Zara
Dress Primark
Bow Socks Primark
Boots Vintage from Portobello Rd Market
As promised these photots were taken by TMT-Photography's Jessica Davis. We took full advantage of the gorgeous snow and hot footed it to the local park. This was super fun shooting and as you can see we came back with ALOT of pics! 161 to be exact! i just about managed to whittle them down to around 40 ... so hard! Thanx Jess for ur commitment to my art and your art and with standing minus temperatures to get some brill shots of my new coat! I will post some quick pics of the before and after shots of the berret, it looks hot studded right?! xx☮

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