Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow place like home

Headband H&M
Army Coat Selfridges (years ago in the sale)
Scarf French Connection
Shirt Vintage
Unicorn Necklace ASOS
Bow Necklace Ebay
T-Shirt Primark
Studded Skirt Urban Outfitters
Socks PoundLand
Boots Primark
These pics were taken outside of our house, Graham and I had heaps of fun shooting and surprisingly it wasn't that cold! My fav shot is the close-up seated on the step, looking into the lens. I normally hate pics where Im not smiling when looking into the lens, and Jess (the other photographer for TMT-Photography), is always trying to convince me otherwise, Im coming round to the idea ... slowly. The snow is still with us so will try and get some more pics up of me in it! Might see if i can get Jess to do some .. mix it up a bit.

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