Tuesday, May 4, 2010

back to black

Sun-Glasses - Primark
Coat - Primark
Crop T-Shirt - Primark
Maxi Dress - Primark
Boots - Primark
Necklace - ASOS

I was just looking over these pics and I realized that I dont wear this much black EVA! And if I do I normally accent it with a bright colour, I must be maturing (no old jokes please)! Also once again I am a walking advert for Primark! I should get some shares or something!
This week is another cold one, today was soo cold, I took the Captain out for a walk and was actually happy to pick up his poop coz it was nice and warm!! I know that is totally gross but those thoughts really did go through my head!
Hope you are all have a warmer week than me. xoxo

P.S do you like my photoshop job on these? i think it looks AWESOME.


Vintage and Cake said...

hay hunni loving your blog, oooohhh I do love primark and you wear it so well. Have a great week hunni xxx

Vintage and Cake said...

thank's hunni,you must be a stylist if not than you should be. I need a primark hit soon, I am also addicted to Ebay. Look forward to more post's kitten. Have a fun filled week and your dog is super cute x

rainbows & fairydust said...

Thanx lovely,

Yes get ur ass to primark its awesome just now! Ive just been hitting up ebay for that knock off topshop lace dress of urs on ur blog! lookin for a vintage fur too, thought if i look in the summer when everyone else is biddin on maxis then i might get a bargain!


yOka said...

Great jacket!

Kookie B. said...

i love the way you styled this maxi skirt. very grunge chic! love the studded boots too. speaking of boots, i need to get me a great pair.

do send me some love over at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com :)

Annachiara said...

Darling...you're always woonderfull!!!! *_* I loove all your outfits!!!!

Charly said...

Loveee this look, the maxi dress with t shirt and boots looks awesomee! have just found your blog through Hypeed and love it,



AZEDE said...

I've been wanting a skirt like that for a while now but I just don't know what to pair it with. love the jacket!

cristina said...

I like so much the sun glasses!:)

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