Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Starry Eyed Girl

 photo stripped new look blouse_zpslvlzrxe8.jpg  photo next heels outfit_zpsbkl7wfpv.jpg  photo stripped shirt street style_zpshhpirg6i.jpg  photo baby blue duster street style_zpsmb0bksrp.jpg  photo wearing blue duster jacket_zpsa8qzcgzy.jpg  photo orange cross body_zpsqtmfarx7.jpg  photo primark jeans street style_zpswwrgwlof.jpg  photo stripe blouse _zpsk3ftbx5n.jpg  photo snakeskin heels_zpstlkjzzau.jpg  photo ripped knee jeans outfit_zpsmulpucnf.jpg  photo DP choker_zpskf7iipff.jpg  photo blue duster jacket street style_zps1d4pbt6c.jpg  photo DP star necklace_zps9edpebc2.jpg  photo duster jacket street style_zpsi2jexdm5.jpg
I Am Wearing :
Blue Duster Jacket - Primark
Pinstripe Shirt - New Look
Rip Knee Jeans - Primark
Orange CrossBody Bag - Vintage
Snakeskin Heels - c/o Next
All Jewellery - c/o Dorothy Perkins

So how much do you think I paid for this beautiful blue duster jacket?


Yup 3 quid in the Primark sale - bargains like this don't come along everyday - but when they do you have to do the bargain dance! I might show you - one day!!

In other news I have been featured on the Dorothy Perkins Facebook page along with the lovely Rosie Fortescue from Made In Chelsea - check it!

Happy Hump Day Folks

Clare Astra

1 comment:

Sophie said...

£3?! You lucky devil! What an absolute steal!

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