Monday, July 19, 2010

Black Maxi

Jacket - H&M kids
Dress - Primark
Belt - Primark
Necklace - River Island
Bag - House of Fraser
Rings - Asos
Shoes - H&M
Bracelet - H&M

I LOVE my dog! He is soo cute, always wanting to get into my photos! He is having a little afternoon nap on my lap as I write! Everybody should have one!

This dress was bought last weekend, I am loving that maxi's are coming through into autumn/winter in thicker materials with long sleeves! About time!

How was you weekend?

Mine was fun, I took my friend Jess to my Gym's open day and she did a spin class with me!! She is still speaking to me so I dont think it was too hard!! Then i did a bit of shopping (nothing new there!) bought a new bikini for my trip to Australia at Christmas!!... cant wait!

I still havent found my coral maxi bridesmaids dress, if anyone has any tips for me that would be fab!!

xoxo Clare Astra xoxo


Charly said...

Lovee the dress, and the dog! Hehe my cat is not so helpful, he likes to walk on the keyboard while I type! thanks for your sweet comment, and can't believe that jacket is kids!


FashionSmajlik said...

love the bag ;)
great outfit

Dolls Factory said...

Love it. You are blonde so it is perfect for black outfits.

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Maria Evans said...

Nice outfit.
I like how the black dress mix with thw demin jacket.


Victoria said...

This is fabulous!! xx

Vicki said...

haha sounds like a good weekend! mine was fine just flew bk from my hol in cyprus :( lol the weather here is rubbish compared to over there! x

rainbows & fairydust said...

@ charly your completely welcome darling! it is kids but its a big kids!! lol xx

@doll factory ok i think i can do that! will send you a link xx

@Vicki ahh hope ur holiday was awesome! missed your blogging!! weather in London is ok at the mo! I dont go on holiday till December now:-( but its a biggy!! goin Australia!! eeeiikk!

shishiwaldorf said...

love the accessories!!

SWAY said...

amazing outfit girl i really LOVE you accessoriesssss!!! ♥peacering! :D :)

Ruth said...

Hello lovely!
I'm sorry for the really late reply!! I've been so so busy I hate it!
I love your black maxi! I've been looking for a decent maxi for SO long i'm getting bored now, none of them seem to suit be because i'm small :(
I did buy one the other day, but didn't try it on so when I got home, all exited to try it on, it looked ridiculous :'(
But on the other hand, you look absouletely stunning in it.
Spin class sounds awesome! I do pilates and aerobics with my friend, I hear the sweaty looks pretty hot this season :P

Love, Ruth xo

*rachelwears said...

cute rings and i love your hair, it's gorgeous!

jemina said...

BOHO CHIC, I LOVE your look, and thank you so much for your kind comment at hypeed, I really appreciate it, keep in touch, XOXO
PS: How cute is your dog!!!! :))

Eli said...

sooo cute!!!! ;)

Clara said...

wow! lovely pics
your blog is great!

the style crusader said...

very festival chic. love all the jewelry! xx

Kirsty said...

love your rings and a black maxi is never a bad look :)

Mandyy said...

love ur outfit <3
You look beautiful on the header :)
Cute dog ;D
xoxo <3

the gorgeous said...

that dress seems to be really confortable! loove it!

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