Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spitalfields Market with Megs ..... good times xx

T-Shirt - Primark
Trousers - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - River Island
Bag - London Souvenir Shop
Bangles - H&M
Sunnies - Primark
Ring - River Island

This was last Sunday! I went to Spitalfields Market in London with the gorgeous Megs, we had a ball! Fab weather and awesome vintage stalls and stores!

We ate lunch in LEON which was soo tasty, I love fresh traditional lemonade, and the old wooden tables and church chairs were a lovey touch to the industrial interior.

I bought some vintage jumpers and some AWESOME vintage brogues!..... cant wait to show you guys.
Also someone stood on my foot on the tube and my shoes broke :-( the gold chain snapped off, so they have gone to shoe heaven (the trash).

Anybody got any cool plans for the weekend? Think i might do some more sale shopping!!

xox Clare xox


Doll's Factory said...

Thank u for your lovely comment. I'm following you back.

The H&M coral shirt is the classic line, not the sporty one, and not the young on. I hope you find it.
Let me know if you find it and I wanna see pictures of it here ahaha


ruther said...

really like the photos in this one clare! love the style of the clothes today too xxx

Tessi said...

Love this outfit cutie
And what a gorgeous header u have now! :)

x tessi

Annie said...

Thanks for the comment the other day - would highly recommend you go get a minx pedicure/manicure... they're so much fun!

In terms of this post... that necklace is AMAZING! and love the robots! ;) x

Regan said...

I'm loving all your jewelry! Gorgeous blog! xoxox :)

Jackie said...

Hmmm...that salad looks good. Love your outfit especially your necklace. I've been looking for one like it.


Anonymous said...

omg i'm loving your hair and your necklace so much... seriously! great blog :)

Vintage and Cake said...

wow love the outfit, what a necklace ...I heart R.I ...oh Leon has the best interiors I love their lights kitch ! How amazing is that bag, glad you had a nice weeknd with your friend, London is great when the sun is out :P Fingers crossed we get more this weekend, have a good one xxx

Eli said...

hello!!! i love your look...nice necklaces and bag..soo cute!!! xoxo eli

Becca said...

perfect outfit! this necjlace is awesome. isnt it the same as andy from stylescrapbook has?

johanna said...

you had a great day. looooove the bag

Charly said...

Ooh I love Spitalfields, and your oversized anchor necklace rocks Clare, love it with the striped top!


Sonja P. said...

ooh i love this's really sooooooo lovely..and cute outfit as well!!!


Betty said...

love your look.
the necklace and trousers...perfet!!

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