Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eve fashion swap Liverpool

The bags of clothes ready to be swapped!
Passion fruit eve ... very light and tasty
yummy cupcakes x
A relaxed start to the evening

My outfit

Emily - my beautiful and pregnant Sister in-law!
Getting my free make over from Zak Coldicutt - very funny man!
A quick trip to the powder room before the wrestling began!
Such good fun!

Eve's fashion swap was a huge success, it was soo well organised that I couldn't fault it in anyway! From begining to end we were so well looked after!

We arrived at the venue at 6:30pm and joined the queue of well dressed ladies! Our tickets were scanned whilst waiting and we were handed clothes hangers to put our garments on. By the time we had done all of this we were at the door and handing our clothes over in return for stamps corilating to the nuber of garments given in and tokens for free Eve drinks.

Once we had been to the bar we were offered some delicious cupcakes and were ushered over to the make over area to book in for a free treatment. The options were nail paint, eye make-up or lips, we went for eye make-up! I was made over by Zak Coldicutt, who has made over the likes of Kim Cattrall, he was a scream! We had such a laugh chatting as he did my make-up and he did such a great job! Emily was made over by another girl and it wasnt good at all! It was so bad she wouldn't let me put the photo up! Although I would highly recommend spending an afternoon with Zak he is such good fun and a great artist.

Lousie Redknapp got on stage and did a little speal about Eve and then the madness began! A count down from 5-1 and everybody ran towards the rails of clothes and grabbed what evre they could get their hands on! It was absoloutly hillariuos, we were laughing so hard we missed all good stuff and had to rummage through the left overs!

I will post my three new items soon! It was such a fun evening and even though we didnt get a pick of the best stuff we still came away having had a lovely evening and Eve played the perfect hosts!

I would highly recommend an eve fashion swap if they ever come to your city.

I got a new tattoo on thursday! Pics will come as soon as it has healed and is looking it best! I am really pleased with the result!

xxxx Happy Weekend gorgeous people xxxx
Clare Astra


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

nice pics!!!


annierama said...

I really enjoy reading your posts, your photos are so cool!
check out my blog ;)

jemina said...

WOW!!! HOW FUN!!! Thanks for sharing darling, XOXO

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