Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kimono Weather?

 photo londonfashionbloggerUK_zps7e3e2ce8.jpg  photo patchworkjeansblondehair_zps42c7de71.jpg  photo silverbootsstreetstyle_zps73e25160.jpg  photo kimonostreetstyle_zpsace49cc2.jpg  photo whitet-shirtstreetstyle_zps940f8a74.jpg  photo gypsywarriorbreastplatenecklace_zps02046753.jpg  photo silverbracelets_zpsdfc9a67a.jpg  photo blossom_zpsbc3b937e.jpg  photo handmkimono_zps40b2c19b.jpg  photo kimonoandjeansstreetstyle_zps6108bd1f.jpg

I Am Wearing :

Kimono - H&M
White Tee - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Silver Boots - Asos
Jewellery - The Bohemian Collective

This week has been a really tough one for me. 

One of the most wonderful women in my life passed away on Tuesday afternoon, My lovely dear Aunty was a such a special lady to so many people and we will miss her so much.

Life is so short and so precious - be good to the ones you love and be generous to the people who need your generosity - don't hold grudges and do everything to the best of your ability with humility and grace.

These are the qualities that made my Aunty such a special person - if I can be half the woman she was then I will be on the right path :-)

Have a great weekend my friends - go and make some memories!

Much Love


Tasneem said...

Loooove this outfit xx

Megan Ellaby said...

absolutlely stunning kimono!
I'm sorry to hear about your auntie sweetie! sending you my love xx

Abbie said...

OMG this kimono is beautiful. Sending you lots of love xx

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