Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage buy's

A few vintage bargains from my local Charity shops! I love vintage shopping, it's so satisfying finding something cool in your size, spending a third of what you would on the high street, helping charities AND the environment! Is there a better way to shop?

Also some pics of my latest iphone covers from ebay - cute hay!?

Only 1 more day till the weekend!!

xoxo BIG LOVE xoxo


Jackie said...

Oh wow! These are totally great finds. Cute covers. Yay, I'm excited about the weekend. Have a great day.


Anna Katrina said...

happy thursday!! what great finds i love the iphone covers


A and A said...

just purchased the perfect nude silk shirt.
love these buys... good on ya woman!!
love from San Francisco.

angie said...

The bags are to die for!!!I also love vintage shopping and no there is no better way to shop.

Tessi said...

Love the leopard shirt and the brown suede bag<3<3<3

xoxo tessi

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