Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grand Central Station

 photo vintagecardinyc_zps190b6840.jpg  photo broguesstreetstyle_zps890d94c7.jpg  photo blondebeaconsclosetcardigan_zps8a6c0948.jpg  photo nycstreetstylemintscarf_zps4358aa74.jpg  photo centralstationstyle_zpsaca56aea.jpg  photo trainstation_zpsaf5289a1.jpg  photo centralstationstreetstyle_zps040cc320.jpg  photo studdedbagoldnavystreetstyle_zps423d3145.jpg  photo nyccamelsweater_zps8da99e2c.jpg  photo centralstationnyc_zps231b2e2c.jpg  photo instagramnyc_zps466fe4f2.jpg  photo newyorknicks_zps363839ea.jpg  photo nycbroadway_zps7cbc4792.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Mint Scarves - Old Navy
Vintage Oversized Cardi - Beacons Closet
Sweater - Old Navy
Jeans - Primark
Studded Bag - Primark
Vintage Nicks Cap - Footlocker

Did I mention that I LOVE New York ?!? - oh yeah thats right I said that already!

Well its true and I am going to bore you with my New York outfits for at LEAST another 2 posts! So sit back and relax - its got to be better than my normal outift posts taken outside of my little house right?!

Who is ready for Christmas next week?

Got all of your gifts? Done all of your wrapping?

Naaaahhh me either! 

I have however bought myself a few things and just about got my Christmas day outfit together - I need a couple of festive night out outfits and thats me sorted! That will leave Christmas eve to shop for everyone else! - I got this!

Merry Sunday Before Christmas Darlings

Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's a Brooklyn Ting

 photo colourblockcoatstreetstyle_zpsa6c1c0a0.jpg  photo bike_zps3b9a351f.jpg  photo pastelspinknikefreerunners_zps1395e893.jpg  photo christmastrees_zps6c494100.jpg  photo gapcolourblockcoat_zps5f431426.jpg  photo shoesonawire_zps3767d8e5.jpg  photo wearingnikefreerunsstreetstyle_zps94ecce7d.jpg  photo vintagecar_zpsbaac374e.jpg  photo brooklystreetstyle_zps53ab09ad.jpg  photo brooklynwilliamsburg_zps598682b7.jpg  photo neonnikefreeruns_zps2edba529.jpg  photo mintpastelscarf_zpsd28e388c.jpg  photo pinkfluffyjumper_zps0fdf22bc.jpg  photo brooklynnewyork_zpsbd550814.jpg  photo winterpastelsstreetstyle_zps0c550190.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Colour Block Coat - Gap
Pink Fluffy Jumper - H&M
Mint green Scarf - Old Navy
Leather Jeans - Primark
Nike Free Runs - Sports Direct
Studded Bag - Primark

Whilst in New York we hopped on the subway and spent a day in Brooklyn hitting their super sized vintage stores, soaking up the uber cool atmosphere and we even fitted in some fried chicken and waffles for good measure!

I bought an oversized vintage cardi a sequinned top and some wall art - it was a VERY good day!!

Today is the last day to enter my Pou Moi? Giveaway

Good Luck everyone!!

Clare Astra

Sunday, December 15, 2013

GIVEAWAY : For Someone Special

 photo IMG_6428copy_zps2bd3c699.jpg  photo IMG_6431copy_zpsff6cbd7b.jpg  photo IMG_6432copy_zpsb6ce6f3d.jpg
 photo IMG_6440copy_zps7f030d8c.jpg
 photo IMG_6434copy_zpsf21dfb2f.jpg
 photo IMG_6442_zps8262d3d3.jpg
 photo IMG_6436_zps2f602cf8.jpg  photo IMG_6450copy_zps45a876d4.jpg
Addicted Camisole £28
Addicted Brief £14

Fancy a little treat to go under your colourful Christmas sweater this holiday season?

Well I have just the Giveaway for you!! - Get excited!!!!

Pour Moi? is a beautiful lingerie brand, their collections offer a flawless fit and stunning attention to detail, in very luxurious fabrics, a best-seller at ASOS and Sizes run from an A to J cups and 30 – 44 back, with sizes 8 – 22 bottoms. A set averages around a very reasonable £50. Pour Moi's brand mantra is that ALL sizes should be able to enjoy truly stylish lingerie. To see the full collections check out

Thats enough of the chat now to the bit YOU have been waiting for - how to win yourself or you "someone special" a beautiful Pour Moi? set of your choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Once Upon A Time In New York City

 photo fullswingskirtstreetstyle_zpsfa08b4cd.jpg  photo countychickennewyorkfashion_zps0ab9054f.jpg  photo swingskirtnewyourkstreetstyle_zps1e9b1a32.jpg  photo pinkbeaniemintgreenjumper_zpsba7eb7ec.jpg  photo fullcircleskirtnycstreetstylefashionmidiskirt_zpsf00511a6.jpg  photo newyorksunset_zpsdbd196d5.jpg  photo newyorkstreetstyle_zpsf840e6b0.jpg  photo topoftherocknyc_zpsf2bc74b4.jpg  photo nycnewyorkskyline_zps50dfca85.jpg  photo mintgreenscarf_zps11e4973e.jpg  photo centralparknyc_zpscf19d884.jpg  photo nycfromthetopoftherock_zps7665dd54.jpg  photo topoftherocknycsunset_zps609598bd.jpg  photo rainbowsandfairydust_zpsfb24dc02.jpg  photo empirestatebuilding_zps4edcc6b7.jpg  photo themanbehindthecamera_zps4667a87e.jpg  photo newyorkcitysilhouette_zps49f182aa.jpg  photo newyorkatnightwindowview_zps19f5da80.jpg  photo viewofnewyorkatnight_zpsbeff8b89.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Swing Skirt - H&M
Mint Green Scarves - Old Navy
Grey Leather Jacket - Reiss
Pink Beanie - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Studded bag - Primark
Leather Gloves - Primark

New York New York New York

This is one of my favourite places on Earth - I think perhaps the Top Of The Rock is my fav place in NYC also - it is just so magical at sunset - I cant tell you how it feels up there you just HAVE to go and experience it for your self!

Although I can tell you that at - MINUS 2C - wearing a skirt and no tights it felt pretty darn COLD! If you go up there in Winter please be sensible and think about how cold you will feel rather than how cute you could look!!

We stumbled upon the coolest fried chicken diner just off Broadway which had the coolest retro interior and my new favourite soft drink in the whole world - Dark Cherry Lemonade - heaven in a paper cup!

I have about 3 more New York posts to come - so sorry (not sorry) in advance if you get bored!!

Happy Hump Day my lovely readers!

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