Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I want!

TopShop £55

I am IN LOVE with the blue French Connection jumpsuit, but it is still too expensive for me will see if I can hold out and get it at the end of the sale when it has gone down a bit more!
I love sale time, bought an awesome pair of biker boots from the Zara sale this week will get them up asap!


Annie said...

I've got the first french connection top in grey!! But I bought it at a shopping night and got 20% off which made it more affordable!!

Love the maxi dress as well! I've recently got a dress from urban outfitters in the sale which I might share with you all soon! x

Charly said...

I'd keep checking ebay, I tend to find once items hit the sale they go fairly cheap on there too! Have been lusting after that fringed jacket for aaages, but can't decide between black and cream :-0,



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