Wednesday, January 16, 2013








I Am Wearing :

Aztec Maxi Dress - Target (bought in Sydney)
Fringe Waist Coat - Primark (old)
Studded Bag - Goddiva
Bracelets - Primark, Forever 21 & Diva
Watch - Michael Kors
YSL look Ring - Dahlia

I am missing Sydney sooo much, I miss the weather, my friends, wearing sandals all the time, and my tan!! My tan is fading FAST, I will be back on the bottle soon enough for sure!

Why does it have to be sooooo cold in London? I was totally born in the wrong country and sometimes I even think the wrong body - in my mind I think I was meant to be Elle Macpherson but i got lost along the way and ended up in popping out in Liverpool, England! 

Oh well complaining session over, I am sorry - my man says all I have done is complain since I set foot back in England, he is probably right, the January blues have well and truly sucked me in!

I need to go shopping! Shopping ALWAYS helps!

BIG love to you all and thanx for putting up with my holiday photos and constant weather complaints!


Roxii said...

I would love to visit Sydney, it looks beautiful!

Emma MacDonald said...

I love this dress! Such a great colour with your tan and gorgeous hair. I've never been to sydney but it's definitely on my list of places to visit ASAP!
Bemsy x

Jen Holmes said...

gorgeous blog :)

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