Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boohoo Festival DIY

Boohoo sent me this super cute t-shirt dress to DIY and style up for festival season - so here is my step-by-step guide to a fringed maxi dress ...

 photo IMG_5676copy_zpsa5b53e69.jpg

Step 1 : Decide how long you want your fringe to be - it may help to mark the length on the dress whist  you are wearing it for a more accurate length - use chalk as it rubs off the fabric easily and will not damage your dress!

Step 2 :  Lay the dress onto a flat surface

 photo IMG_5678copy_zpse72dca9e.jpg

Step 3 : Using a ruler draw a straight line in chalk across the dress at the desired height, then mark out 1cm gaps along the line - repeat this on the back of the dress also

 photo IMG_5681copy_zpsf7ef027f.jpg

Step 4 : Chalk out 1cm gaps along the hem of the dress also - to help guide you when you are cutting in the fringing 

 photo IMG_5682copy_zps21b84a73.jpg

Step 5 : Beginning at the edge, start to cut straight lines from the hem of the dress up to the marked chalked line - take your time and be carful ONLY to cut the front of the dress. It is a good idea to place the cut fringe upwards towards the neck of the dress to prevent any accidents with the scissors - nobody wants half a piece of fringe!!

 photo IMG_5684copy_zps7bca0678.jpg

Step 6 : When it comes to the side seems of your dress be carful NOT to cut the sewing as this will split your dress making it unwearable! Cut either side as shown in picture above. - repeat steps 5 & 6 on the reverse of the dress.

 photo IMG_5687copy_zps3c8c14d7.jpg

Step 7 : When you have cut all of the fringe it is time to create the lattice effect - Starting at the side seem, take 2 pieces of fringe and double knot them about an inch from the newly created hem line.

 photo IMG_5688copy_zps9d6e597d.jpg

Continue until all the fringes have been knotted - if you are left with 3 pieces of fringe at the end just knot them all together - it wont be noticeable as it is at the side seem!

 photo IMG_5692copy_zps03d11de6.jpg

Step 8 : To create lower lattice, take a piece of fringe from each pair and double knot those together - as shown above and below - make sure this knot is about 1 inch below the top knot - repeat around entire dress

 photo IMG_5693copy_zps14994438.jpg

And here is the finished product .....

 photo IMG_5694copy_zps83b665e0.jpg

And this is how I would style it for a festival ....

 photo _DSF5203copy_zps804c9660.jpg  photo _DSF5220copy_zps1be5544d.jpg  photo _DSF5249copy_zpsc0540fac.jpg  photo _DSF5202copy_zps2d33d507.jpg  photo _DSF5246copy_zpsceb64cc2.jpg  photo _DSF5208copy_zpsf65ae58d.jpg  photo _DSF5216_2copy_zpsa7a445be.jpg  photo _DSF5221_2copy_zpsc93fcbbd.jpg  photo _DSF5224_2copy_zps4a6e656e.jpg  photo _DSF5233copy_zpsc5cb70d2.jpg  photo _DSF5234copy_zps115c87ce.jpg  photo _DSF5235_2copy_zps9f70c85c.jpg  photo _DSF5251copy_zps8bfd118c.jpg

How cute are my personalised friendship bracelets !!

 photo _DSF5253copy_zpsd7797adf.jpg

I Am Wearing : 
Neon Beanie - Primark
Jersey Maxi Dress - c/o Boohoo
Neon Jumper - River Island
Neon Paint Trainers - Primark
Rainbwos & Fairydust Bracelts - c/o R&R Jewellery
Friendship Bracelets - Primark
Above Knuckle Ring - c/o Bohemian Collective
Turquoise Rings - Primark
Denim Backpack - Primark

So what do you think of my DIY?

Do you think you will fringe any of your old dress or tops - or even buy one especially for a DIY project?

It was heaps of fun to do and has inspired me to think of more ways to revamp my existing wardrobe!

I was so happy to get an email from the gorgeous Rachel over at R&R Jewellery asking if i would like a personalised bracelet of my choice to wear this summer - naturally being self obsessed I went for a bracelet that was all about ME - my blog to be exact but whats the difference! 

The bracelets are all hand made and i just LOVE how mine turned out! Thank you so much Ray Faye, what a lovely gift. - go check out her shop she can do pretty much anything and at super cheap prices too! - great for friends, families or lovers to share a matching bracelet perhaps??

Before I go I just wanted to share an "out-take" with you - check out the little bumble bee admiring my ring collection .....

 photo _DSF5252copy_zps607a4561.jpg

What a cutie!!

Have a great Wednesday!

BIG Love


Emily Rousell said...

Oh my lord I NEED to do this! You are looking amazing too...super brown. x


You clever bird!!!! Miss you chicken xxx

Floral Danielle said...

I love what you've done to the maxi dress and I love all your rings :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you tied the fringe, made it look so much more complete.....perfect xxx

Debs said...

I love this DIY is so clever. You bracelets are all so stunning ! I want them all.


Mel Z said...

Omg love the style !

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