Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Swap Shop

 photo IMG_9990_zps508970b1.jpg 
This is my bag of clothes I took to the swap!

 photo IMG_0020_zps881f9499.jpg  photo IMG_0021_zps7406ba71.jpg 
After the clothes swapping we got down to some serious crafting thanx to the AWESOME girls from Sew Over It - I made a tassel headband for my hippie chic style that I am trying to rock at Glastonbury this year!  

 photo IMG_0022_zps0faf3713.jpg  photo IMG_0088_zps674fa66d.jpg  photo IMG_0093_zpsbccf022a.jpg 
The gooorgeous Georgi - check out her blog she is sooo cute :-)

 photo IMG_0019_zpsc357ddfe.jpg 
The Butterfly bracelet that my beauty Law made for me - I LOVE that guuurl 

 photo IMG_0089_zps9cff05a4.jpg  photo IMG_0090_zps2c897244.jpg  photo IMG_0091_zps3d5e6305.jpg  photo IMG_0096_zpsb191f2c8.jpg  photo IMG_0092_zpsbf1f6109.jpg  photo IMG_0094_zpse624eff2.jpg  photo IMG_0095_zpsabedf6a0.jpg
Photobooth fun!!

So the other week I headed down to a swap shop run by Voucher Code's blog Most Wanted, we took 5 items that we either dont wear any more or never got round to wearing to swap with the other girls at the event! When we arrived our clothes were taken off us in exchange for a stamped card correlating to how many items we had brought with us. Then the FUN began - we got to raid the rails of other bloggers clothes and choose what we wanted - free shopping is AWESOME!

After I had spent all of my stamps there were cocktails, a photobooth, cupcakes and crafting to enjoy! It was such a brilliant night and a great way to clear out your wardrobe and get some new gear without spending any money - you should try it doing your own with some fashionable friends :-)

What I Wore :
 photo _DSF5165copy_zps1a067091.jpg  photo _DSF5172_2copy_zps01ce6674.jpg  photo _DSF5187copy_zps81a0907b.jpg  photo _DSF5192copy_zps1149e402.jpg  photo _DSF5189copy_zpsdfab2414.jpg  photo _DSF5166_2copy_zps9be5b908.jpg
 photo _DSF5182copy_zpsb997be4e.jpg

I Am Wearing : 
Pastel Pink Blazer - Vintage
Blouse - Asos
Pastel Jeans - F&F
Necklace - Primark
Rings - Accessorize
Blog Your Dreams Clutch - Bershka
Shoes - Primark

I am sooo in love with my new Bershka "Blog Your Dreams" bag - perfect for a blogger right? As soon as I saw it I just had to have it - it went down a storm at this blogger event too!

Happy Sunday Lovelies 



The Robyn Diaries said...

that bag is brilliant! awhh i wish i had of gone to this but i had work :( your headband is going to look lush at glasto, not long now xxx

Adela said...

Great outfit. Love the bag and blazer.
Adela x

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