Monday, June 24, 2013

Dune AW 2013 Sneak Peek ....

 photo IMG_5440copy_zpsbe13ca11.jpg
This year's Dune/Bertie AW 13 Press day was held in the stunning surroundings of Somerset House 
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I NEED these red booties!
 photo IMG_5446copy_zps9948edae.jpg  photo IMG_5447copy_zps81bdf3ce.jpg  photo IMG_5451copy_zps71ecd696.jpg  photo IMG_5452copy_zpsd2a45194.jpg  photo IMG_5475copy_zps352a3314.jpg  photo IMG_5476copy_zpsa86afe1c.jpg  photo IMG_5477copy_zps0252297c.jpg  photo IMG_5454copy_zpsfc26fa4e.jpg  photo IMG_5455copy_zpsbdc1e157.jpg  photo IMG_5461copy_zpsabaeaaae.jpg  photo IMG_5463copy_zps23dc0bce.jpg
Bertie have got the buckle boot COVERD this season!
 photo IMG_5464copy_zpsfb3d06c0.jpg  photo IMG_5467copy_zps27ba7719.jpg
 photo IMG_5468copy_zps83f227c0.jpg
What I wore :
 photo IMG_5478copy_zpsbbd27ac9.jpg  photo DSC_0167copy_zpsbb03eb5b.jpg  photo IMG_5499copy_zpscbd23f0a.jpg  photo IMG_5480copy_zpsbb55ff9b.jpg  photo DSC_0169copy_zps3fb89e04.jpg  photo IMG_5502copy_zpsbfe41df5.jpg  photo IMG_5481copy_zpsde779f51.jpg  photo IMG_5482copy_zpsd392430a.jpg
I Am Wearing : 
Linen Dress - Mango
Fedora - TK Maxx
Turquoise Necklace - Primark
Rings - Primark
Gladiator Sandals - Primark
How exciting is the AW13 collection from Dune? They have really uped their game this year, with a much more fashion focused collection - compared to their usual "work wear" and "formal" shoe collections. I am SO looking forward to getting my tootsies into some of those fabulous winter boots!
Do you have your eye on anything from the collection?
My man bought this Mango dress for me whilst we were on holiday in spain and I HAVE to say that I am totally in LOVE with it - it has such a chilled out Ibiza sunset feel to it ( having never been to Ibiza to experience said sunset I can only imagine, but you get my drift right?!).
It wasn't the cheapest dress in the shop at €60, (which is usually the price i would pay for a formal dress), but once I tired it on I knew that it just had to me mine. My reasons for spending more than I usually would on this dress was, 
1. It was a dress that would never go out of fashion -as it isnt "on trend" anyway 
2. It looks so different to anything else I have in my wardrobe already 
3. I havent seen anybody else wearing anything similar and I LOVE to be different 
and finally ...
4. It just felt perfect!
I think if you can justify - sensibly - spending a little more than usual then you should go for it!
I am gonna be rocking it at Glastonbury this weekend styled with a rose crown and cowboy boots! Cant wait!!
Do you have any pieces that you just HAD to buy regardless of the expense? 
MWAH - Happy Monday beauties


Adela said...

You look so lovely! Great photos.
Adela x

Emily Rousell said...

You look AMAZING! Such a lovley outfit and those sandals...Primark? Really? Off I trot. x

Underneath The Lights

Julia Henderson said...

Oh some of those dune shoes are amazing, can't wait for them to come in the shop so I can get staff discount!

Julia x

Laura Hyatt said...

Ohhh I think Ive just spied my next splurge. Those black flats with the pink hearts! Wow.

You look gorgeous too! xx

Swordlily said...

Omg, I also love those boots!!

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