Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dulux White

 photo IMG_5506_zps45d44b5a.jpg  photo IMG_5508_zps509af787.jpg  photo IMG_5527_zps905e7962.jpg  photo IMG_5528_zpsaa5860e0.jpg  photo IMG_5515_zpsfe069d33.jpg  photo IMG_5514_zps3889de64.jpg  photo IMG_5518_zps09f61d7f.jpg  photo IMG_5512_zps27cdc451.jpg  photo IMG_5510_zpsd9e2bb28.jpg  photo IMG_5511_zpsc36086f8.jpg  photo IMG_5517_zpsa9f6e457.jpg  photo IMG_5522_zps7076d02f.jpg  photo IMG_5526_zps04fb4560.jpg  photo IMG_5534copy_zps80580b3e.jpg  photo IMG_5579copy_zps4804a52d.jpg  photo IMG_5570copy_zps3ee82c39.jpg  photo IMG_5562copy_zpsb513a482.jpg  photo IMG_5563copy_zps72ebc828.jpg  photo IMG_5574copy_zps7d0b8a10.jpg  photo IMG_5546copy_zps8f265d66.jpg  photo IMG_5549copy_zps73dcad4d.jpg  photo IMG_5551copy_zpsc65d8b19.jpg  photo IMG_5554copy_zps84eaae45.jpg  photo IMG_5575copy_zps4c5e6bf6.jpg  photo IMG_5557copy_zpsa2564d18.jpg  photo IMG_5568copy_zps85a3ce9d.jpg  photo IMG_5561copy_zps2125858a.jpg  photo IMG_5567copy_zps635a5091.jpg
I Am Wearing :
Kimono - Glamorus
Fedora - TK Maxx
Top - Primark
Maxi Skirt - New Look
Sandals - Primark
Fringe Bag - Primark
Bangles - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors

I went to the Dulux white party last month  and it was super fun! Dulux showed us how to use white stylishly in every part of our lives. We looked at key trends in home and work furnishings, how to wear white and ate and drank white themed food and drink! I was sooo impressed with their living room inspirations in particular and have come away wanting to change my living room to pastel hues with some pops of neon!!!

I also got take that adorable Dulux puppy home to meet my puppy! They are now great friends!!! 

Have a great day my lovely readers


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very pretty!,love the cute look :)

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