Thursday, July 18, 2013

George At Asda AW 13

 photo IMG_5594copy_zps53c029b5.jpg  photo IMG_5590copy_zps57b8c62b.jpg  photo IMG_0311copy_zpse6eb4b1c.jpg  photo IMG_0312copy_zpsa970d070.jpg  photo IMG_5620copy_zps4c573038.jpg  photo IMG_5596copy_zps7cb38b05.jpg  photo IMG_5597copy_zps786b76c2.jpg  photo IMG_5601copy_zpsedb2e3bd.jpg  photo IMG_5607copy_zpsa99a380e.jpg  photo IMG_5613copy_zpscc64c639.jpg  photo IMG_5622copy_zps932625d1.jpg  photo IMG_5650copy_zps8938a9fa.jpg  photo IMG_5623copy_zps23800af3.jpg  photo IMG_5662copy_zps6c9a9608.jpg  photo IMG_5642copy_zpsc50be9e7.jpg  photo IMG_5625copy_zpsc9d46bd0.jpg  photo IMG_5626copy_zps29ed5d4e.jpg  photo IMG_5659copy_zps43239663.jpg  photo IMG_5631copy_zpsb9fc0965.jpg  photo IMG_5652copy_zps62b7d16a.jpg  photo IMG_5658copy_zps6726611c.jpg  photo IMG_5632copy_zpsddf1de51.jpg  photo IMG_5648copy_zpsc041abc0.jpg

I Am Wearing : 

Entire Outfit - Primark
Leather BackPack - Vintage

So - What do ya think of what George has to offer us in AW13?

Bare in mind that the most expensive item there was that Aztec sleeve wool coat at a teeny tiny £36!

HECK YES George - gimme some of dat affordable fashion!

- I am so sorry, I am listening to MTV Base whilst writing this post and I have come over allll streeet y'aaalll!!!

Anyways hope you are looking forward to a bit of George goodness this AW13!

Happy Thursday beautiful people! - dont forget to enter my F&F competition on the post below



Charlotte Lewis said...

That jacket is primark - amazing!

Love that Tartan is coming back in, so I can make use of my good ol check shirts!

Charlie xx
Lurch Hound Loves | UK Fashion & Style Blog

Georgi said...

Haha, looking gorgeous Clare!


Caz S. said...

Ahh I'm so jealous you got to see the collection! I love that printed shirt so much! Your outfit is awesome by the way :) x

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