Friday, March 1, 2013

What I Wore To London Fashion Week Day 2 - Kenzo Sweater








I Am Wearing :
Kenzo sweater - Ebay
Denim Shirt - Primark
Orange Jeans - M&S
CowBoy Ankle Boots - Zara
Eagle Necklace - c/o Bohemian Collective
Orange Necklace - Primark
Sunglasses - Asos
BackPack - Vintage
Bracelets - Diva

So thanx to fashion week and my need to haul a big ass camera lens around London, my new found LOVE for backpacks has emerged. I used my vintage bags at fashion week that i have used a couple of times before but not all that much really. They are AMAZING for shopping - you have both arms free to bundle clothes AND still look at more on the rails, it is a whole new world!

If you dont have one - you should get one - and send me a pic of yours because I am looking for my next backpack.

Hope you all have BIG plans for the weekend, I am going to see a comedy / magician show and have 2 parties so my weekend should be pretty sweet! What are you guys up to?
Whatever you do have fun!!


Gemma Talbot said...

Gorgeous Kenzo sweater. I love your layering and statement jewellery x

char said...

I love all of the layers here - I wish I was better at layering, I always worry that I end up looking like a bundled up snowman.

HeartsAndCrosses said...

You look gorgeous, would love to have went to LFW

A little bit Unique


Zandra May said...

I am loving these kenzo sweaters at the moment! Looks great on you! I am working all weekend, wah! :( X

Stephanie Symes said...

I LOVE how you wear lots of chunky jewellery, it looks awesome! You combine it all really well without it looking too much :) xx


rainbows & fairydust said...

Oh no honey! Actually as it turns out I gotta do abit of work too - from home tho so it's not too bad! Enjoy your weekend (if u can!) xx

Anonymous said...

I love how miss-matchy yet cohesive this look is! killlling it <3

XO Sahra

Tasha Hinde said...

Looooove the Kenzo jumper!! Cute outfit :-) x

Tasha | So On Trend

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