Thursday, January 30, 2014

F&F SS14 Collection

 photo FampFSS1418_zps04ed1d9e.jpg  photo FampFSS1419_zps47f692d8.jpg  photo FampFSS1417_zps1cf63c59.jpg  photo FampFSS1416_zpsee5fcba3.jpg  photo FampFSS1415_zps4ce5fd0d.jpg  photo FampFSS1412_zps03463335.jpg  photo FampFSS1414_zpsb85556ac.jpg  photo FampFSS1404_zps627bfacb.jpg  photo FampFSS1405_zpsfa6c5ff5.jpg  photo FampFSS1413_zpsc0e75e23.jpg  photo FampFSS1403_zpsfbdfa6ca.jpg  photo FampFSS1406_zps9889d0d7.jpg  photo FampFSS1402_zps9a631a69.jpg  photo FampFSS1407_zps44adefe5.jpg  photo FampFSS1401_zps80f7423b.jpg  photo FampFSS1411_zpsd00d820b.jpg  photo FampFSS1408_zpsd9e54bc9.jpg

So what do you think?

F&F have upped their game right?

That black kimono with the colourful beaded flowers is just to die for - and the orange jumpsuit NEEDS a new home - my wardrobe!

LOVING this collection - High Fives all round :-)

PS Its nearly the freakin weekend folks - Lets have it!!!!


Clare Astra


ellie said...

I think F&F have DEFINITELY upped their game I'm my opinion! I absolutely adore pretty much everything in this post, I can't wait to get my hands of some (all) of it! x

Irena D world said...

So colourful !
Bring on the summer

Law whalebone said...

Wow this is so, so fashion forward I love the skirts and all the beading detail. Will have to keep an eye out for these beauts x

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