Sunday, January 29, 2012




Hey guys how is your weekend going?

Mine has been pretty good, started with a event on Friday, which you will find out about VERY soon ..... something nice is coming your way!!!

Family time on Saturday, with my brother and sister in-laws and their 2 cute as pie kids!

Then a bit of work and some chilling today!

So I just thought I would share some of my Instagram pics with you! I just LOVE Instagram!! My username is rainbowsnfairyd ... so come find me!

Peace & Love 
xoxo Clare Astra xoxo


StyleFrost said...

Already following you on instagram, love these pics! x

Sophie Isobel said...

Nice pics! I want an iPhone just so I can have instagram, haha! x

Vintage and Cake said...

I am addicted to yours, I loved the sunnies and the headband you look so rock chick. Miss you and enjoy the press days, looking forward to seeing posts of what's to come xx

HELen said...

Love these pics! Especially jealous of all the jewellery.. Gorgeous!



Diary of Mia said...

Lovely pivs!

L'espoir de ma vie said...

Adore the little snap shots you've taken on your phone. Nice case and shoesiess! I need a new pair of studded loafers mine are falling apart . Keep posting xx

Vicki said...

your lil pup is so cute! :) x

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