Friday, October 7, 2011

Jewellery Box

For a while know I have been looking for a way of displaying my ever growing ring collection, at first I thought I wanted a vintage look, but couldn't the "right" thing.

Whilst out shopping with my friend Sarah, she dragged me into Muji for some scented candles, where I stumbled across some shiny acrylic storage boxes . Whilst contemplating what I could do with it I spotted the padded ring holders on the next shelf!! I immediately got the shop guy to take them all out of the packaging slot them together and popped the BIGGEST ring that I was wearing into the ring holder. Then I tested the draw action, the ring fitted and the box made it look GORGEOUS!



Cloth tray with ring partition £6:50


Acrylic draws with flip-top lid £11:50


Together priceless!







My collection looks good in here right?

These are all my "gold" rings, need to go buy another one the display my "sliver" rings!

I am sooo pleased with it! .... and it was heaps of fun arranging the rings too!

Hope you guys have got fabulous plans for the weekend?

I will be working! ... booo (it's all about the money, gotta pay for the ring collection somehow hay!)

Peace & Love Always

xoxo Clare Astra xoxo


Carol said...

I love this and all your rings looks gorgeous in have some huge rings! I have been getting into my jewellery storage recently...accessories are beginning to take over in my house.

Caz x

POLLIANI said...

I love your blog

Morgane said...

I love it! I need something like that, so useful. And with all your gorgeous rings, it looks like a candy box! :)



themodainme said...

WOW!! Your ring collection is gorgeous! Im very envious of your collection!!

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

O m g that's alotta rings! Lush! ;) Glad you like my hair ;) x

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