Thursday, March 22, 2012

Primark SS 12 Lookbook - oh its a good one!

This is the latest Primark SS12 collection to hit the shops ......

LOVE the yellow outfit!

NEED that bag!

That jacket WILL be mine!

The skirt and top combo is also on my shopping list!

The dress on the left is from their LIMITED collection .. I want it sooo bad!

And this tropical printed suit is to DIE for!!

OK Primark fans which part of the collection are you lusting for?

I pretty much want it all! Surprise, surprise!!

Happy Thursday gorgeous people! 

I have successfully made it up to Liverpool for my birthday weekend celebrations to start! They will kick off tomorrow with a shopping spree sponsored by my husband!  Then dinner and maybe a movie? Saturday I will be dancing the night away and then on Sunday we will be watching the rugby in one of those posh hospitality boxes! ( the ruby isn't really a part of my birthday but there will be free food so I am in!!) 

Much love to all my new readers!



Demi-Leigh said...

I really like the dress with the fish/underwater print! All the colours of this are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Primark have seriously upped their game this season, I love the collection!

Annie said...

I LOVED this post- it's so great to see what's coming out in Primark as there isn't a website and I can see what I'm looking out for!:) the limited edition dress is gorgeous!:)xo

Laura said...

I want EVERYTHING! They're all beautiful pieces, haven't been to Primark in a while actually, might go this weekend! x
Dreams and Dresses

Dragon Mommy said...

Wow, who'd have thought these were all Primark?!
Love the dress from the limited collection.

Holli x

Abbie said...

That printed suit is amazing! Such a nice selection. Im your newest follower :-)

Chi-Chi said...

is this seriously primark?! they are going IN!!

the tropical print dress is lovely - makes me wanna go on holiday!

rainbows & fairydust said...

I know!! Tell me about it!! Such a great collection! Tell if you get anything!! Xx

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