Sunday, November 27, 2011

New York Day 1



Diet coke break + free wifi = Instragram overload!



Wheres Wally - or if you are in America - Wheres Waldo!


LOVE this pic!



Watching the skaters @ the Rockerfella



Top of the Rock!



Wearing :
Polk Dot Jumper - Primark
sheer blouse - Primark
Polka dot Bow-tie - H&M
Leather Sleeve Boyfriend Coat - New Look
Black Skinny Jeans - H&M
Studded Boots - St Johns Market Liverpool
studded bag - bought in Australia
Fedora Hat - TK Maxx

So I think you guys have guessed where I am already!!

Thank you all soooo much for the holiday well wishes, you are all so lovely to me!

We decided to go to New York a little last min as I wanted to be doing something fun on the 1st year anniversary of my Fathers death. He was such a fun dad and I just wanted to do something happy to remember him. So we have booked a show for Monday and a posh restaurant to raise a nice glass of fizz for him (although he wasn't posh and didn't drink fizz he did LOVE to eat!).

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Peace & Love from NYC (I LOVE saying that!!)

xoxo Clare Astra xoxo


Steph0188: StephanieDreams said...

aw hun, how lovely :) What a fabulous idea, and hoe amazing NYC looks!
The photos are amazing, so many fab ones. I adore the one of you looking back through the crowd a LOT though.

Princess and the pea x said...

Aw hun that is so nice what a lovely reason to go. I hope your having the most amazing time ever. Looks like you are. Fantastic photos heart them all. Enjoy the rest of your time lovely girl xoxoxo

Ps have a look in F21 for the spiked bracelet I couldn't find it in the one near Macys last week, but there is one in Times square which is grande mahousive xxx

Julia said...

Such a lovely idea, hope you have a great time! x

Isabelle said...

oh lucky girl! The photos are very pretty. I love the one you are in crowd and there we only can see you little blond head, so cute!

Sophie said...

Awww what a lovely reason to go to New York. Looks like your having such an amazinf time!

indie.electronic.alternative. said...

new york is the greatest. i need to make another trip there soon. love how you wear your rings.

Eve Maria said...

so jealous of you in NYC! Hope you're having fun and shopping lots. :)

the style crusader said...

Gorgeous photos! The last few with the sun setting are beautiful! xx said...

What a fabulous way to remember your Dad - I bet he'd have loved to know you'd be out there enjoying yourself instead of sitting around feeling sad.

Beautiful photos :)

p.s. Top of the Rock is my favourite thing to do in NYC!

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